Oh Snap, Robsten Party of Two

20 11 2009

on the dolo

While most of the New Moon cast was at the official afterparty following last night’s screening in New York, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart slipped away for some private quality time.

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and Peter Facinelli all hit up the postscreening bash held at the Box. Ed Westwick also made a late appearance, with girlfriend Jessica Szohr arriving even later.

But Rob and Kristen were over at Avenue, holding court at a table upstairs with a bodyguard making sure people gave them their privacy—but no such luck.

Rob, trying to go incognito, wore a baseball cap, while Kristen was smoking a cigarette (which is illegal). Unlike the movie, there was no Taylor Lautner around, and Kristen seemed to only have eyes for Rob…

The costars were sitting right next to each other and kept whispering in each other’s ears and laughing together. At one point, Kristen started stroking Rob’s back.

And the two were still going strong at the club till 3 a.m.

In case there’s anyone out there who still has doubts, looks like Robsten is totally on!

Back Stroking.

And Kristen can smoke wherever she wants, get the fuck outta here!!!! She’s Kristen and she needs a shmiggy!

 [via KstewartSource]

Jamie Bower Campbell Dating Potter Girl?

15 10 2009

I’m calling BS on this. He is, and has been dating Zoe Graham for YEARS, unless something has changed that I don’t know about. Just because he and Harry Potter cast member Bonnie Wright (aka the Weasley sister) were spotted outside London’s Saatchi Gallery recently, people are all saying they are dating now.

With the Weasley sister the other night.

With Zoe...this was less than a month ago at the Mulberry party during London's Fashion Week.

With Zoe...this was less than a month ago at the Mulberry party during London's Fashion Week in Sept 2009.

Sure, sure… a lot can change in a matter of days. But I am not believing this until he himself tweets about it. They do kind of resemble one another though….

[photos via JJJ and Twifans]

slutz goes to vegas

1 09 2009

to stalk his former flame, AnnaLynne McCord. according to E!, she gave him the cold shoulder when he didn’t buy her a bday present a few weeks ago, but it seems as though all may be forgiven?

they look like siblings

they look like siblings

the 90210 hottie was hosting MGM Grand’s Wet Republic pool party in Las Vegas this past weekend and was spotted in a private cabana with Kellan.

i don’t know about you, but i wouldnt mind a little cabana boy Slutz either …. i am definitely not mad at that.

[via People]

ashley the sex symbol

11 08 2009
dressed to kill at power of youth on 8/8/09

dressed to kill at power of youth this past weekend

christian looking ever-fashionable (natch) with her peasant-y top, boufant ‘do and platform pumps. ashley… va va voom! it appears the extensions are upping her femme fatale quotient. the zipper doesn’t hurt, either.

short hair = dollface; long hair = sex kitten.

[intentionally posting about ashley without mentioning the nakey scandal. <– that doesn’t count]

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j.bone is in crush heaven

3 08 2009

way back in November (07), JBone was interviewed by Seventeen magazine, in which he revealed that he had a big ol’ crush on none other than the NEW victoria — BryceHo!



Who’s your celebrity crush?
“Bryce Dallas Howard. I think she’s an incredible actress and such a beautiful young woman. I also think she’s way out of my league, so I’ll just keep dreaming.”

there are bunch of other little nuggets in this long-lost interview, such as:

  • He’s secretly heart-broken that his first kiss girl recently got married
  • Uggs in the summertime confuse him
  • He loves The Notebook (don’t we all?)
  • He would want Christopher Walken to play him in a movie about his life (me TOOO!)

[via Seventeen]

teen romance for dakota fanning

27 07 2009

our little darling Jane aka Dakota Fanning was spotted having dinner at Il Cielo in Bev Hills with another child mega star, Freddie Highland. he’s the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland.

you are too cute for him! LBH

you are way too cute for him! LBH

he’s 17 and she is 15, which begs the question … were you going on fancy dinner dates at that age?? i know i, for one, was lucky if i got a group sundae going at Friendly’s ice cream joint.

[via Access Hollywood]

Been there, done that, blogged about it.

9 07 2009


I don’t know about any of you, but the next person that asks me if Kristen Stewart is pregnant is going to get a pinch to the back of the arm like they’ve never dreamed about. Seriously, if you don’t know this move… do it, do it to anyone who has the nerve to continue arguing with you long after you’ve stopped caring. That derails a convo like shit. Juvenile, painful, promising results. However, I do not recommend doing this to coworkers.

next week, theyre naming it

next week, they're naming it

Where was I? Yes… more twi news, or shall I say, the lack thereof. Hey, we’re all on top of it. Shit, we’re all SO on top of it, that people are MAKING AMAZING TALES UP. Can we all just say stop it already? Because it’s grating on my nerves when I walk into my office/parent’s house/bar/local co-op and people ask to confirm this nonsense like im the Page 6 of Twilight. It’s flattering, and I totally understand why people do it… they are trying to connect and have something in common with my obsessive tendencies… but, I almost blew a gasket when my mom emailed me the other day to let me know that they were “releasing a new movie called Full Moon, with all those people you like, i think one’s knocked up.

Breathing. 10-9-8-7…

It’s really cute… and I appreciate the sentiment that’s underneath, but seriously… I don’t ask you if Oprah is really the ringleader in some golden retriever drug smuggling puppy mill ring, so, return the favor and don’t tell me how many women Robert Pattinson is sleeping with because a) we cover that on a rolling basis; b) it just hurts my feelings.


roBear and camilla belle – back on?

19 06 2009

remember back in the day when all those rumors were swirling around roBear and camilla belle? she was dating jo of the JoBros, and everyone was saying that she was being swept off her feet by the most beautiful man in the world (SHOCKER).

then it all died down and the dust settled.

but now alleged eyewitnesses are supposedly saying that roBear was seen out with two women at the Bowery Hotel on wednesday, one of which was the so-called Camilla Belle, if that even is her real name. the other may or may not have been Emilie De Ravin, his co-star in Remember Me. no pics, no nothing, just a person telling a mag something.

old pic from a gajillion years ago.

old pic from a gajillion years ago.

things that make ya go .. hmmmmmmm…

Seating Rearrangement

31 05 2009

Best line about MTV Music Awards seating squabbles — from ENews onlne:

The former music television channel’s stars seemed to be causing most of the rhubarb: Reality star Whitney Port reportedly had to be moved away from Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, since Whit had dissed the vampire flick as “really bad” and dinged Stewart as “one-dimensional.”

— Seriously, though, isn’t that one dimension more than Whitney’s shown?

Loves it. The Hills v. Twilight; its like Werewolves v. Vampires… Close call, and you still love all of them at the end.

Live sigTweets during the MTV Movie Awards!

31 05 2009

hey everybody! sigO’s will be all a’Twitter tonight – from the main sigO twitter – during the MTV Movie Awards.  the red carpet is already on fire.

let’s discuss 🙂