Twilight on Yelp

18 02 2010

This was the review of the day on Yelp in D.C. today. Plus it was written by a straight dude. Had to pump it up:

“If the Twilight cast were to ever eat at Bon Chon, this is (hypothetically) what would happen…

*Edward Cullen and Bella sitting at Bon Chon. Piping hot chicken just served to them…*

Edward: Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. So very dark, but there were stars, points of light and reason.
Bella: *munching away at bon chon chicken* Wha? You say something?
Edward: You’re not even listening to me Bella! You are utterly absurd sometimes.
Bella: Whatevs, this be some DAMN good chicken
Edward: Let me have a bite…
Bella: But- you can’t. You can’t eat human food!
Edward: Just a bite, let me prove to you that I will do anything and put myself in harms way just for you.
Bella: awww for me? What a LAME ASS excuse to try to get a bite of my chicken!

*Edward gazes into her eyes*

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Forks Reality Show?

31 12 2009

According Reality TV producers are now trying to milk the Twilight gravy train along with everyone else on the planet, by creating a reality television show based on  the town our beloved Vampires reside, Forks, Washington.

Twilight’s hometown, Forks, Washington, is getting its own reality TV series, because we can’t stop until the last drop of merchandising blood has been suckled from Stephenie Meyer’s heaving money maker. Let’s hope it includes the Twilight Themed Hotel.

Reality TV producers are planning a new series based on Forks, Washington, the town that Meyer set her Twilight saga in. Right now, the crew is seeking out a cast based on everyday people that live in Forks. So nothing to do with Twilight at all, unless you overlook the fact that the half the town has converted to Twilight tourism…

And no this isn’t the documentary called Twilight In Forks, this is an entirely different reality-based show about Forks. But still, the crew insists that the project will focus on the riveting lives of the ordinary people in Forks, not those who think they are vampires, or werewolves — because who wants to see that, besides the 100 people a day who clamor into Forks looking to get a piece of Edward?

Me? a reality star? no way!

Anna Kendrick on Jay Leno

15 12 2009

It’s obvi Anna Kendrick’s time to shine with her little ‘ol Golden Globe nomination announcement and all.
She was on Jay Leno last night being super down to earth and adorable while promotingUp In the Air which btws is killing the Golden Globe nominations this year with a total of 6.

If you couldn’t tell…I really like her.

Apple’s Top 10 Xmas Gifts for Twi Hards

8 12 2009


For your working novel!

10: Cullen Family Crest Flash drive.

Today I rocked the blue suede jawns

9. A pair of Tom’s a la Kstew.

Game face: massive game of chicken

8. A red robe, Italy style, to be worn when you jump out in front of whoever won that fucking Volvo.

Viva Italy

7. A Boy by Band of Outsiders button-down (that’s who made Bella’s green shirt).

Sam, Jacob, Embry

6. A three-wolf moon tee, because now you have a new reason to wear one. If you already have one, regift with pride.

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Twilight plus Mean Girls: 2 of our favorite things

29 11 2009

This one’s for you JJ. Thanks @MtvtnPrclmtn !!!






Since the Holiday’s are right around the corner…

9 11 2009

…also i went to Starbucks this morning and they already have the Christmas cups out, so I’m in quite the spirit.

A twilight parody with Santa instead of Vampires.

the OG Bella fittings

13 10 2009

These are pics I found via FierceBitchStew that show Kristen doing fittings for the orginial Twilight movie. What a precious baby! Bella would’ve looked adorable in some of these looks, wish they had used them…


shit, I would rock that

shit, I would rock that

this is more the look of the Bella we've come to know and love

this is more the look of the Bella we've come to know and love. Peep the Bella mittens!

too summery for Forks, but precious on the Kbitch

too summery for Forks, but precious on the Kbitch