Sigma Twi Omega is the coolest Twilight saga oriented sorority you will find.  Hell no, we aren’t affiliated with a college or university. We are just a pro-fun group of friends bonded by our dedication to discussing and analyzing all aspects of the Twilight Saga, characters, themes and of course  gossip about the film version’s stars.  The sigO’s are experts in all things Twi and we like to have a sense of humor about things, so try not to take us too seriously. We will give you the Twi news you want, the way you want to hear it. NOT lame. SO tight.

Get STOked.

Sigma Twi Omega is for fancy girls of all ages. One for all. And all for Twi.

Got tips, suggestions, questions or feedback? Want to trade links? Hit us up, yo!


Sigma Twi Omega is a Twilight saga fansite. We are not affiliated with Stephenie Meyer, her publishers, Summit Entertainment, or any of their affiliated companies. We are also not affiliated with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, or any of the Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse or Breaking Dawn cast in any way. Though we’d love to be … tee hee 🙂

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21 05 2009

Hey guys, great blog! Thanks for following me on Twitter! Is it cool if I link to your blog from my Twi-blog?

28 05 2009

Hi Gals!

I finally put up a Blogroll. Still in works, but you gals are first on the list. Thanks for following and thanks the Blog swap!

Enjoy your day!

P.S. Don’t you love those new pics at Volterra set? Fun!!! Wish I was there! =P

3 07 2009
Lady Chanterelle

HEy guys I scored an interview with Gil Birmingham, you can check out the interview here

I just found out Im already posted in the philippines chapter

Im wondering if I can have a banner i can post in my affiliates page for my sisters and where can i get it.

1 09 2009


I wanted to ask if you might want to briefly introduce the official German fansite of the 100 Monkeys on your site.
The page is in German and in English.

I also wanted to ask is you could add the link to your site http://www.offizielle-100monkeys-fanpage.de
If you need a button let me know!

It would be nice if you respond.

Monkey greetings


26 09 2009

I love you guys! You are funny as shit. Good to know am not the only person over 20 that enjoys Twilight. Thanks for the good laughs.

1 10 2009

Farrrk! You guys are awesome!!!! Thanks so much for all the hard work keeping us updated! Can’t wait till you open up pledges (we don’t do that in NZ but I’m totally keen!) ! Keep up the great work ladies!


6 11 2009

hey guys nice blog!!!!! i have a question….why you choose that greek words?? sigma
(Σ Τ Ω) omega??i am from greece and i skocked when i saw them!!!!

12 12 2009

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