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9 07 2009


I don’t know about any of you, but the next person that asks me if Kristen Stewart is pregnant is going to get a pinch to the back of the arm like they’ve never dreamed about. Seriously, if you don’t know this move… do it, do it to anyone who has the nerve to continue arguing with you long after you’ve stopped caring. That derails a convo like shit. Juvenile, painful, promising results. However, I do not recommend doing this to coworkers.

next week, theyre naming it

next week, they're naming it

Where was I? Yes… more twi news, or shall I say, the lack thereof. Hey, we’re all on top of it. Shit, we’re all SO on top of it, that people are MAKING AMAZING TALES UP. Can we all just say stop it already? Because it’s grating on my nerves when I walk into my office/parent’s house/bar/local co-op and people ask to confirm this nonsense like im the Page 6 of Twilight. It’s flattering, and I totally understand why people do it… they are trying to connect and have something in common with my obsessive tendencies… but, I almost blew a gasket when my mom emailed me the other day to let me know that they were “releasing a new movie called Full Moon, with all those people you like, i think one’s knocked up.

Breathing. 10-9-8-7…

It’s really cute… and I appreciate the sentiment that’s underneath, but seriously… I don’t ask you if Oprah is really the ringleader in some golden retriever drug smuggling puppy mill ring, so, return the favor and don’t tell me how many women Robert Pattinson is sleeping with because a) we cover that on a rolling basis; b) it just hurts my feelings.





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9 07 2009

this entry made my morning. and possible day. i’ll get back to you at 6pm.
i love you holls.

9 07 2009

She’s already named, Reneesme, of course, lol. The gossip mags are so out of control, it’s sad what they will do to sell a few mags. Glad we have sites like this to keep it real with.

9 07 2009

totes, Kathy with a K

9 07 2009
Jenny Jerkface

Buhwawawa!!! I know EXACTLY what manuever you are talking about!! I have an older brother and I’ve perfected that particularly pinch. It makes grown men squeal like little babies. My brother called it the Alligator Bite…

9 07 2009

Ahh, this move has a name!

10 07 2009

I praise this post. With everything I’ve got.

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