teen romance for dakota fanning

27 07 2009

our little darling Jane aka Dakota Fanning was spotted having dinner at Il Cielo in Bev Hills with another child mega star, Freddie Highland. he’s the kid from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Finding Neverland.

you are too cute for him! LBH

you are way too cute for him! LBH

he’s 17 and she is 15, which begs the question … were you going on fancy dinner dates at that age?? i know i, for one, was lucky if i got a group sundae going at Friendly’s ice cream joint.

[via Access Hollywood]




4 responses

27 07 2009

how do you spell uhhhhhhhhhhh. god forgive me, someone help that boy!!!!

27 07 2009

he was also awesome in August Rush.
but yeah she is hotter. LBH

27 07 2009

Is that the movie where his parents find him when he plays music or something like that????? he was a little cuttie in that….and i know i know I should not make fun…its not nice…. 😦 bad bad jaja

6 09 2010
lovescandysme :)

it s freddie highmore !!!not highland lol. 🙂

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