Jackson Rathbone is the New Boy Toy

10 02 2010

I have this same outfit.. snOMG!!

Can you imagine being so tight that you had your own action figure? Well, that must make JBone double tight since he’s got TWO now! His Last Airbender action figure of his character Sokka hits shelves June 1.

Add it to your growing mantel collection featuring all of the Twilight and New Moon dolls, including Jasper, available at Amazon. You know you have one. I’d bet my left titty that 90% of the people reading this blog have some dirty secret collection of Twi stuff that fondle lovingly every now and again. ADMIT IT.

the NM jasper doll

[via TwilightMOMS]

Birthday Scene Stills

12 11 2009

Let’s talk about Jasper’s hair doo for a minute.

I believe that fellow sig’ O JJ hit the nail on the head when she coined the term “Great Aunt Mildred”.
The first twilight movie’s plot accuracy was on point with the books, but what i don’t understand is how they interpreted Jasper’s hair to look like a Dixie Chick or a 60 y.o. woman. And it’s only gotten worse with New Moon.
Hopefully they have hired a new wig stylist for the next two installments, Eclipse and BD.






Are you there God it's me Aunt Mildred?

Now, I’m not hating on the movies at all. I love Jasper just as much as before. I’m just a little disappointed with the hair/wig stylist. I know a lot of people that could have blown it out of the water and this is why I’m perturbed.

jasper + alice love

27 07 2009

I seriously couldn’t help but snagging these off of I Felt Hope.net – a Jackson & Ashley/Jasper & Alice fansite. 




Just because, when shit is cute, SHIT IS CUTE. That is all.

J.Bone’s First Commercial

17 06 2009

I remember this commercial, and i remember thinking, “that skinny college boy is a babe.” Of course now i find out it’s none other than my boy J. Boogie. It WAS love at first sight.

So priceless…..

Not that hair…

1 06 2009

Ok, I hate to be the one to rock the love boat that is New Moon, but… what the HELL did they do to Jasper? I found myself more glued to Jasper’s new ‘do than anything else in the trailer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I adore my Jackson (not trying to start a fight Lu) and I have numerous witnesses to my freeze frame action of Jasper as he knocks the ball out during the baseball game in Twilight, that’s one good looking boy.

But seriously… what the forks is this?


(copying this photo and uploading because the gallery keeps getting shifted around on myparkmag.co.uk.) and big thanks to VancityAllie.com

Let’s just take a minute though to appreciate the good times…

hey do you know tad?

twirl that bat.

twirl that bat.

no, hello TO YOU.

no, hello TO YOU.

UPDATE: Here’s my beloved freeze frame. *gush*


17 05 2009

As few may know i have a healthy obsession with Jackson Rathbone (aka j. bone, aka jasper hale, jazz). I’m not sure how this fixation came to be, though it must be that his troublesome eyes that melt my heart or his jilted past that gives him a lil of the “bad boy turned good” complex. Whatevs it is i can’t get enough – le sigh.

jazzy j

FYI He is super cute in reallife.org

baby j.bone