March Vanity Fair cover- KStew AND AKen

10 02 2010

Abbie Cornish, 27, Rebecca Hall, 27, Anna Kendrick, 24, Carey Mulligan, 24, Amanda Seyfried, 24, Kristen Stewart, 19, Emma Stone, 21, Mia Wasikowska, 20, Evan Rachel Wood, 24 all adorn the latest cover of Vanity Fair.


the cover is a pullout, Anna is looking adory all the way to the right, Kristen makes the actual cover, of course

newsstand cover, buy it

Anna K’s Entertainment Weekly Cover

31 12 2009

Do we have a possible Oscar nom for our girl Anna Kendrick as well? That would be so sick. It would be even sickkker if she won. **crosses fingers**

This week Anna shares the EW cover with the lovely Vera Farmiga, and the one and only George Clooney. Hopefully our beloved Edward will age as well as GC, oh wait…what am i saying Edward…age. haha silly me.

Lucky...i mean talented girls.

SAG AWARDS: A-KEN vs. M’onique

17 12 2009

OH SHIT. A-Ken is racking up nominations this awards season for her role in “Up in the Air”.

The Screen Actors Guild noms were just announced this morning and guess who got one? Anna, bitch.

Her category:

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role

PENELOPE CRUZ / Carla – “NINE” (The Weinstein Company)
VERA FARMIGA / Alex Goran – “UP IN THE AIR” (Paramount Pictures)
ANNA KENDRICK / Natalie Keener – “UP IN THE AIR” (Paramount Pictures)
DIANE KRUGER / Bridget Von Hammersmark – “INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS” (The Weinstein Company/Universal Pictures)


This is being called “Anna Kendrick’s breakthrough year”. Go girl!

Anna at the London premiere of 'Up In The Air', looking FINE


You can read all of this years SAG AWARD noms over at The Hollywood Reporter.

Anna Kendrick on Jay Leno

15 12 2009

It’s obvi Anna Kendrick’s time to shine with her little ‘ol Golden Globe nomination announcement and all.
She was on Jay Leno last night being super down to earth and adorable while promotingUp In the Air which btws is killing the Golden Globe nominations this year with a total of 6.

If you couldn’t tell…I really like her.

Someone is Killing Life…Anna Kendrick that is.

15 12 2009

Our little Jessica Stanley is up for a Golden ‘effing’ Globe for Best Supporting Actress for the movie Up In the Air with George Clooney.

that's mines!

So proud of you girl! I have a feeling you have a long career ahead.

Read this article about Anna Kendrick’s past and present accolades as an actress. She’s definitely got talent.

Kellan and Anna attend Golden Globes Party last night

9 12 2009

Slutz and A-Ken looking quite dapper at the 2nd Annual Golden Globes Party Saluting Young Hollywood at Nobu in West Hollywood, Dec 8th:

all black everything...

I predict A-Ken's gonna start winning awards soon. (*not for her portrayal of Jessica Stanley)

[via Zimbio]

Anna Kendrick’s makin’ moves

30 11 2009

I was telling my homies about seeing a preview for this film, and thinking to myself “Damn that Jessica Stanley is a good actress.” I mean we all love how ridiculous Kendrick plays Jessica (“movie night with Belllaaaaaa”), but this girl’s got some chops. She is not just some background Twilight chick. Check her out holding her own opposite George mothereffin Clooney.

Twi-cast upcoming movie roundup: 2010

24 11 2009

Hey good lookinz

Yes, New Moon just came out, but can we get enough? Never! Since we always need MORE, a list of upcoming projects for the Twilight saga crew might fill those empty months from now until June, and from June until Breaking Dawn, whenever (and IF ever!) that is.

Obviously, the mother lode is in June with the release of Eclipse, but hopefully this list will help you through the months when we can’t get what we really really want! If actors are not listed, that means the only project I came across for that actor was Eclipse. If you know more, please get in touch and we Sig O’s will update the list accordingly.

The Twi-cast in 2010
Kristen Stewart (Bella)
Welcome to the Rileys – TBA, as Mallory ** This was originally slated to be released this year, but has been delayed. 2010 looks promising.
The Runaways – TBA, as Joan Jett)
K-11 -TBA, as Butterfly (with Nikki)

Robert Pattinson (Edward)
Remember Me – February, as Tyler
Unbound Captives – TBA (probably late in the year), as Phineas

Taylor Lautner (Jacob)
Valentine’s Day – February, as Tyler (wtf, Bella’s men are both playing Tylers. Coincidence? I think not!)
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Josh Madden Parties with Our Bitches. Pffft.

15 09 2009

Sig O Sarahterrible’s big bro Josh got to BRODOWN with Anna Kendrick AND Rachelle Lefevre at MOD Club in Toronto with none other than photographer Merlin Bronques (@Bronques for you tweetfreaks) of lastnightsparty fame. I am so jealous I could spit nails. PA-TOOEY!

this is what is sounds like when doves cry

not fair, not fair! ::stomps feet::

vampire nerrrd alerrrrt! jk we hearts you

its autumn sunrise. you like?

it's autumn sunrise. you like?

For more pics of Josh, Rachelle, Anna and other non-Twi hotties like Mena Suvari, check out the full gallery from MOD club on LNP [warning NSFW]. And while you’re at it, give your coffee table a little extra je ne sais quoi with Bronques’ book “lastnightsparty: Where Were You Last Night?” on Buy that shit.

anna kendrick can look fly too

13 09 2009

Anna Banana at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) today. The Festival takes place from Sept. 10-19, 2009. Rachelle Lefevre was in the house too, tweeting from the red carpet!

Anna Kendrick delivers a fantastic performance in “Up in the Air” and could be on her way to an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. Here she arrives at the red carpet for “Air” at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

Go ‘head girl. 







Looks like an Oscar nominee to me

Looks like an Oscar nominee to me