Debonair Robear

18 03 2010

Rob at the London premiere of “Remember Me.”

mon-swoon season

think they mean aww-some

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RPattz and…Jstew?

5 03 2010

Robert Pattinson on the Jon Stewart show. Lots of hair fondling and F bombs. Swoon!

Rob and stuffed animals: a running theme

23 02 2010

Robear with a p-bear and that wanna-b Bella. Behold: the latest “Remember Me” clip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Rob in VOGUE. So.Hot.

14 02 2010

ok ok Rob and Emilie de Ravin in the new Vogue to promote their film, “Remember Me”. But she is so… eh.. whateves. Beautiful photos though.

dapper robear

I kinda like this, even though the girl is no KStew


New “Remember Me” Stills

17 01 2010

Ok so these were released last week and I meant to do this then, but shits been hectic. So check em out NOW.

even the little ladies love him

lucky bia

most handsomest

Rob Pattinson Reads Me Love Letters

22 12 2009

Dear JJ: My heart and, more importantly, body belong to you. Love, RoBear.

jk. It’s a still from ‘Remember Me’ that Summit just released. Don’t forget, the movie comes out March 12, which is coincidentally 1 day before my bday.

Coincidence? I think not.

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Official Remember Me poster

1 12 2009

I feel like we should still be analyzing New Moon. It’s too soon to be talking so much about their other projects. But nevertheless, here is the Remember Me poster :

hey that's not kristen stewart 😦

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Remember Me Trailer

19 11 2009

We saw this trailer at the early Sig O screening last night, and I’m sure it will run tonight. This is just so you can have another RPattz fix… because when you get home tonight (or tomorrow night) you’re gonna want more. And more. And moooooore.

I gotta say it bugs me to see him with any girl but KStew!

even vampires like fashion week

11 09 2009

slutz in the big apple today visiting the tents at Bryant Park for Fashion Week.

so clean. so well put together. so proper.

so clean. so well put together. so proper.

let’s not forget where you came from, though…

thats the slutz we know and love.

thats the slutz we know and love. raawwrr.

you can’t erase your past, boo. it’s too good to let go.


he cleans up pretty good – suited roBear

9 07 2009

here are some pics of a lovely dapper roBear from yesterday (aka 789) on set of Remember Me. i feel like i’ve been holding back on my posting of pics of poor fan-mangled rob in my silent protest against all the psycho stalker new york women who are attacking him everyday and ultimately turning him off of that city. i fear they may turn him off of american women completely, and before you know it, women all together. and then i saw these…

be still my beating heart … can they just make him the next Bond and call it a day?

bond. edward bond.

bond. edward bond.

can a profile break your heart? apparently so.

can a profile break your heart? apparently so.

greco roman gods got nothing on this.

even the gods of greek mythology - even adonis himself - got nothing on this brow-nose-eyes configuration.

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