Kiowa in the Clink!

10 08 2011

Oh Kee-aww-waah!! You’re just getting into all kinds of trubs!

Embry Call, you cruisin' for a bruisin' son


“The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department confirms that the 21-year-old thesp was taken into custody on a DUI “liquor/drugs/vapor” combo…

The actor remains lockup.”

WAIT… WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! What is “vapor”??? His DUI is liquor/drugs/VAPOR? Am I really that out of touch that I don’t know what that means?

[via EOnline]

New Moon Flashback

22 02 2010

october. november. december. january.

“So much had changed, and so abruptly. It made me feel a little bit dizzy, like I was standing on an edge, a precipice somewhere much too high…Change was coming. I could feel it. It wasn’t a pleasant prospect, not when life was perfect the way it was.”
— Bella Swan, New Moon, Chapter 3, p.60

Lifesize Twilight Body Pillows?

17 02 2010

For the creepy perv in you….


menage a trois?

so NORMAL looking


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Happy Birthday SigO Fresherin!!

11 02 2010

old skool myspace photo for your bday

Happy happy happy happy birthday to our OG sigO FreshErin! Damn girl, you old as dirt now! jk jk jk

Hope you get tulips delivered to your door, go to a dope cabin in the mountains, soak in a hot tub and get a lavender wrap for your big day. Oh wait, that’s all true!

We. Loves. You.

Happy Birthday Taylor Lautner!!

11 02 2010

:deep breath:




18 = LEGAL

Guess what, we’re not technically pedophiles anymore! Now we’re just jockin someone way too young. No pedo, No problem.

Happy 18th, TayLaut. Go vote!

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Jackson Rathbone is the New Boy Toy

10 02 2010

I have this same outfit.. snOMG!!

Can you imagine being so tight that you had your own action figure? Well, that must make JBone double tight since he’s got TWO now! His Last Airbender action figure of his character Sokka hits shelves June 1.

Add it to your growing mantel collection featuring all of the Twilight and New Moon dolls, including Jasper, available at Amazon. You know you have one. I’d bet my left titty that 90% of the people reading this blog have some dirty secret collection of Twi stuff that fondle lovingly every now and again. ADMIT IT.

the NM jasper doll

[via TwilightMOMS]

Christian Serratos Battles the Snowpacolypse!

10 02 2010

She's a MF trooper, y'all!

Snow doesn’t stop this die hard veg. Christian Serratos was in DC last Saturday during what will forever be known as The Snowpacolypse To End All Snowmaggedons in History for the opening of “Naked Ambition: 20 Years of PETA’s Sexy Celebrity Ads” at the Govinda Gallery in Georgetown.

vegetarians don't get cold

When asked of the weather, she said, “It will ruin everything but PETA’s determination.” Awww Go Veg. Get nakey!

I would have gone down to stalk see her, but we were too busy sloppy sledding with hot toddies over at Suicide Hill.

if you don't have a sled, use a mattress. that's what i always say.

[via PETA and NBC Washington and @erin01]

Kellan Lutz in His MF Skivvies!

3 02 2010

oh hello, near nakey slutz


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Happy Birthday, Rachelle LeFevre!

1 02 2010

You our homegirl for lyfe.

No matter what, you will ALWAYS be the original Victoria. Hope you have a happy happy happy bday — play with your food as much as you want today!

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Party Wolf aka Alex Meraz is a QUEEN!

29 01 2010

Wolf looks like a lady

The PW himself goes fabu! This is SO little red riding hood, but instead of a granny, (s)he’s Sienna Miller. Alex tweeted this pic last night saying, “I’m soooo famous now…I can’t even go outside without a disguise!”

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