Kstew getting real with W

15 08 2011

Thanks to refinery 29 and my buddy Ali B for this adorbable conversation w Ms Kristen Stewart.


14 11 2010

Kristen & Robear are looking more delicious than ever, and filming has started in Rio & Lapa this week…..for the honeymoon scenes, including the boat trip and ISLE ESME. Check out these goodies from filming, try to breathe.

touchy touchy feely feely

2 kewt 4 words

kstew I want your dress. gimme

romance fodayyyzzzz

How is the city of Lapa handling this?

The next few photos kill me dead. I mean, we all know in the book they were nakeys, but I’LL TAKE IT!!!!  KStew in a bikini? yes please! No Krisbo.

oh hayyyyy beach scene! beach scene!!




OK , I’ll stop being creepy now. But Im just so stoked!! Breaking Dawn is my favorite, I love who Bella becomes in this book and I am beyond thrilled BD Part 1 has started filming! DONT JUDGE MEEEEE

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kristen hearts miley

21 06 2010

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it’s the cliiiiiiiiimb

Kristen Stewart out in LA Feb 12th

14 02 2010

Kstew and friends attending a fundraiser for Haiti at the grand opening of La Vida, a restaurant/bar in Hollywood. NO, she was not club hopping. She is no LiLo and she doesnt get down like that. She is at a restaurant, at 8pm, raising money for charity…..NOT clubbing ya hear??

sick shoes

just look at that rear end. no homo

looks like she's not feeling the paparazzi

kstew crew

DFan Vs. KStew: Sundance Fashion Showdown

29 01 2010

I love that Teen Vogue is actually analyzing this. Because while Dakota looks all sorts of cute and fashionable, Kristen is dressed the part. Its Sundance! She’s cold! and she doesnt give a fuck! My vote: K Stew. Duh

cute x2

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Put your pussy to the wood!

25 01 2010

the fame

Words of wisdom Joan Jett gave KStew while portraying her in the Runaways.

The Vancouver Sun interviewed Kristen in Utah yesterday, here’s a taste:

What Jett told her the first time she strapped on an axe in costume:
“Put your pussy to the wood! Fuck your guitar!”

On the band and movie:
“People don’t realize The Runaways were the first girls playing music like that. And really, it could have been anybody, but it was them (and finding out why) made it an interesting movie. Both (of these women have) a dominant sexuality. They had to fight. People like girls to be sexy and they did then, too, but in a different way. They didn’t want to get fucked–they wanted to fuck them.”

On gender roles:
“Generally, those girls in tall boots and short skirts might have overcompensated, like, ‘I can do what the guys do.’ I don’t want to say that girls aren’t cut out for that, and it’s not like I have fully developed thoughts on this shit either, but like it’s weird – I feel – (because) we’re never the aggressor, that girls do what guys do now, and maybe it’s not healthy. You know what I mean?”

On Bella:
“I have a fan base that loves Bella, and I do too, but I’m not her. I don’t think people can expect me, for the rest of my entire career, to please an audience that once liked Twilight, you know what I mean. I just think that’s crazy. It’s really always an afterthought. I’ll decide to do a movie and then go, oh, Twilight fans are probably going to react to this or whatever, but it’s an afterthought. I don’t plan things out based on how I think other people are going to receive them. I do it for the experience.”

On the makeout scene with DFan:
“I do remember a few extras taking pictures, (and that) really, really pissed me off.”

[via the Vancouver Sun]

New Runaways Still AND CLIP !!! OH-EM-GEE

20 01 2010

So hottles.

lezz be friends

uhh. holy shit.

dakota plus kristen 4 eva

16 12 2009

I’m sorry I know I already posted this MEGA SUPER TIGHT AWESOME movie still from the Runaways, but I didn’t post the full on BLAST. Check this jawnt out. FRAMEWORTHY. I want this, for Xmas, in an 8 X 10, framed. Kkk thx.

whoa kristen, so ladylike. jkjk I LUB it

Kristen and Taylor are now in Knoxville!

17 11 2009

They dont sleep. They dont stop. They cant stop. They are the Upper Twi Crust and they have to keep promoting this machine….

L.A. Premiere was just LAST night after a whirlwind week in Europe, including stops in Munich, Madrid, and London. Then appearances on Jay Leno (TayLaut), Conan (KStew) and Ellen (Robear)- NOW these two have ALREADY flown to Knoxville for the charity premiere of New Moon  at the Regal Pinnacle theater in Turkey Creek. All in a week. I am exhausted just typing about it. 

Dedication buck, that’s what’s going to keep this unstoppable Twi machine going.

And just an FY-TWI, The Fierce one is wearing a Jason Wu Spring 2010 RTW Strapless Dress in Knoxville tonight. So sick.

when I get a picture of Kristen in this dress, I shall post it. but for now this will do.

The Star of the Night

16 11 2009

There is no doubt about who that is, considering they saved her grand entrance for LAST. Here are some more pics from the premiere, she looks so elegant in that gauzy Oscar de la Renta strapless ball gown, with perfect understated make-up!!!! So gorge!!!  Badass and elegant all at once! Bravo!

love the dress!

so happy! yay!

hi pretty face

I also really liked what she did with her hair. LBH, that mullet has GOT to be hard to rock. She’s rocking it in it’s growing out phase! Props!

[first 2 pics via RobertandKristen.org]