Nikki and Kellan in latest issue of Nylon

6 11 2009
so hot it almost hurts

so hot it almost hurts

Nikki Reed and Slutz are in the latest issue of Nylon, on sale now. And this double soul-piercin’ gaze makes me quiver.

Check out more pics.

New Moon – Birthday Scene

2 11 2009

Another New Moon leak. The birthday/paper cut scene right up until Jasper goes on the attack.



I feel like I’ve seen the whole movie already but still can’t wait!

Holy New Moon Late Night PR Blitz!

27 10 2009

I recently tweeted that if I could pick my parents, I would want Chelsea Handler as my mother and Conan O’Brien as my dad. These are pretty much the only shows that I “watch” regularly and not on-demand. So you can imagine my excitement at the big PR blitz heading our way…

Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien

>> November 16 – Kristen Stewart

the king of late night

Late Show with David Letterman

>> November 18 – Robert Pattinson

>> November 23 – Ashley Greene

i used to love you. but you just got too old, sorry.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

>> Date TBD – Taylor Lautner

>> Date TBD – Ashley Greene

sorry, jimmy. you are just not funny.

sorry, jimmy. you are just not funny.

And last but not least, non-late night, but on opening day for New Moon …

The Ellen Degeneres Show

>> November 20 – Robert Pattinson

this lesbo is hilar


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Alex Meraz in Vanity Fair

22 10 2009
About to do that Usher thang

About to do that Usher thang

Wolf-pot Alex dishes on his fellow cast mates at VF, here’s an excerpt:

Are you up for some wordplay? Please give me one word that describes some of the New Moon actors starting with the Wolf Pack.

OK, Bronson Pelletier [who plays “Jared”] …

Aw, man. [Laughs] Jokester!

Kiowa Gordon [aka “Embry Call”]…

Bewilderment. [Laughs] He’s always thrust in these crazy situations that … he’s pretty young. At 19, I didn’t have these crazy things. I mean, I’m 24—I consider myself a man. I have a wife, a son, and I’ve had some practical life experience. This kid just got thrown into it, so it’s new to him. To me he always has this bewilderment about him.

Tyson Houseman [“Quil Ateara”]…

He’ll know what this means. Vespa. Scooter.

Taylor Lautner [“Jacob Black”]…

Taylor! Loyal.

Gil Birmingham [“Billy Black”]…

One word is really hard. I would say … intuitive.

Chaske Spencer [“Sam Uley”]…

Aw man, love him. Wisdom.

Kristen Stewart [“Bella Swan”]…

Aw, she’s awesome. I would say badass.

Rob Pattinson [“Edward Cullen’]…


[via Vanity Fair]

Slutz and Pfach back in LA

5 09 2009

Check out the mens arriving at LAX for Labor Day weekend. Peep their respective travel styles. I approve.


nice luggage lutzy

nice luggage lutzy

peter is just too cute for words

peter is just too cute for words

New Moon Beauties

6 08 2009

They are missing the most beautiful of them ALL, but thats OK. It’s still tight. The new Glamour has an article on the new makeup line!!  Look, there’s Rachelle!

(Still wondering how this will pan out for the press and PR in November for New Moon. It makes me SO sadface. )


they look so cute and happy together. :sniffle:

they look so cute and happy together. :sniffle:

Oh p.s. the one all the way to the right is Noot Sear, aka Heidi. 2 good vamps, 2 bad vamps. No kstew.

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frame it, its a cast portrait

25 07 2009

Twilight has 2 other, check them out here!

But, this, this one is a keeper. My favorite. It’s like it should go in my wallet. 


we really are the sexiest people in all of the land

we really are the sexiest people in all of the land