Kristen: ELLE 2010

31 05 2010

frame worthy


I love THIS

she should be every designer's muse. real talk

[view more pics from this shoot at KStewartFan]

Nikki Reed in a cute dress

6 04 2010

spring time adorbs!

Last week at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Nikki wore this Cynthia Steffe ruffle dress. You can wear it, too, for $325.

Burberry Stew

23 02 2010

Front row status bitches. Seriously Kate Hudson and MKO need to step off and stop hoping some of the KStew will rub off on them…they are jockin her. HARD.

02.23.10: Burberry Prorsum Show – LFW Autumn/Winter 2010

oh shit kid!!!!

Kate Hudson, Fierceness

thats right, lean in a little closer K Hud

oh MK, take the sunglasses off

Kstew Kills At Life


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Ashley Greene in Marie Claire

7 02 2010

So dollicious.

She’ll put a spell on you: Corseted in Dolce & Gabbana’s sultry Sicilian lace and signature floral prints,New Moon‘s Ashley Greene turns queen of the vamps.


this may be my all time favorite picture of the Doll

so demuuuure

such an elegant doll

love you boo

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Kellan is the new Marky Mark

16 12 2009

Whoa first the Taylor Lautner for Armani rumor and now this. THIS!  Kellan Lutz is the new model for Calvin Klein. And I am STOked to get my fill of him in his calvins. Smart move Slutz, smart move.  Way to secure your place as the original “hot jock”, a title that has recently been stolen from you by TayLaut and his 17 year old abdominals.

which do you prefer?


Twilight stud muffin Kellan Lutz is Calvin Klein’s “new Mark Wahlberg,” according to Fox News. “Kellan has been signed to Calvin Klein for a huge campaign that will feature him in his skivvies all over billboards and in magazines,” a source tells them. The label reportedly wants to re-create Wahlberg’s ads, and thinks Lutz is the best person to fill out the manties. Calvin Klein underwear is a mighty campaign to land, a coup for Lutz, his personal trainer, and the Twilight empire. And so as 2009 draws to a close, there could be no better time to reflect on Twilight‘s fashion journey, from its humble beginnings to ridiculously glamorous future.

Read more: Twilight’s Fashion Invasion Reaches Calvin Klein, Vogue — The Cut

Rob rocks an “LB” hat

23 11 2009

Love Bella

Ashley Greene – Gorgeous French Shoot

24 10 2009

The French do it best, we’ve already established this FACT. Here’s what happens when you combine the style of the French with the beauty of The Doll, as scanned from the Fall/Winter 2009 French Revue de Modes.


so glam

french 3


french 4

hello, clee clee

french 5


french 6

morning after? loves it.

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Jamie Campbell Bower at Burberry for Fashion Week

23 09 2009

Hoooo baabaa… i’m not a fan of dreads. im not. but JamBo’s pretty little androgynous face can pretty much pull any look off.  he’s looking quite beachy at Burberry for London Fashion Week.

JamBo channels point break

JamBo channels point break

itchy scalp has never looked this good.

itchy scalp has never looked this good.

i am SO teetering on the edge of team volturi.

the Doll is in NYC

13 09 2009
it's, uh, really bright with all those flashbulbs....

it's, uh, really bright with all those flashbulbs....


The Dollface is in NYC for the VMA’s, of course, but also to get her swerve on during Fashion Week!  It’s the best time to be there, I don’t blame her!

Here she is after attending the Alice + Olivia show, (as you know she loves to rock their adory frocks) making her way to the CW Network celebration of its new series “The Beautiful Life” at the Simyone Lounge, with the help of a friend. Hey sometimes we all need an arm to lean on from party to party.

hold on tight to our doll!

hold on tight to our doll!

cute booties!

cute booties!

dakota rocks the twi-dye

12 09 2009

she could probably lose the peace sign necklace, but alas, she is just 15, so i shall forgive her. the open toe booties make up for it as well. this pic is from a couple of days ago when she was snapped heading into UCLA Medical Center. hope everything is OK!!!


twi-dye! so tight

twi-dye! so tight




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