Best Boyfriend Ever

22 04 2010

The latest image from Eclipse: Edward.

[see more scans from Dark Magazine here]

Rob as Kurt Cobain?

9 04 2010

Yes.  Yes I LOVE IT.

The internet has been abuzz today with rumors of Robear playing the late great Cobain in a bio-pic. If Kristen can kill it as Joan, I say why NOT? He’s talented, plays guitar and can sing. Plus he totes has a messy mop top. The teeny bopper haters who think Cobain is too much of a rock god (which he is LBH) and that it would be blasphemy to have Robear play him- EFF OFF, see what he can do at least…


Rob in TimeOut London

1 04 2010

as if you could outride me!

In a “closely monitored chat (20 minutes! No questions about Kristin!)” Rob talks about Remember Me…and other more interesting stuff.

Some excerpts:
‘I see people who are in newspapers and magazines all the time. If they’re in every single week, I’m far less interested in their movies. So, yeah, I am always a little bit wary.’

On sucking face w/ Em:
“There’s a kind of kinkiness with the cut in her lip but that got cut from the movie – where I’m sucking a little bit of blood off it . I think it was a little bit too weird.”

On getting freaky in Remember Me:
“My first sex scene was in “Little Ashes” when I was about 21, and it was with a guy. And I’m supposed to have a kind of nervous breakdown in the middle of it as well.”

On his Bel Ami character:
“This guy is a complete arsehole, so arrogant and stubborn and self-righteous about everything. He remains an arsehole to the end and everyone congratulates him for it.”

Read the whole thing here.

Put your meat ‘n’ 2 veg to the wood

17 03 2010

you know what they say about big handz...

Robear autographed a guitar yesterday in Tarzana, Calif., that is now for sale on ebay. Bidding starts at a cool three gees and will benefit the charity Midnight Mission (how apt!)

Here is the description:
Brand new Fender Telecaster signed by ultra hot Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) from the Twilight movie series and Remember Me. Robert happened to shopping for instruments at Norm’s Rare Guitars and Norm (a great friend of The Midnight Mission), asked him if he’d sign a guitar that could be auctioned off to support the services of the charity. Robert was gracious enough to say yes and do it. This terrifically talented actor and singer/musician even consented to have his picture taken with the signed instrument. I didn’t post it here, but have it available for authentication (believe it or not this humble actor is bit camera shy when not at work). Get this now!! I have seen tons of signed pictures and posters, but not a Fender guitar. And as you real fans know, Robert is an excellent musician – he plays piano, guitar and sings! So it’s a winner – a great and unique gift for you or someone you love and you help people who don’t always feel loved.

[via Earsucker]

RPattz and…Jstew?

5 03 2010

Robert Pattinson on the Jon Stewart show. Lots of hair fondling and F bombs. Swoon!

Jimmy Fallon totes reads our blog

4 03 2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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the twight stripes. it’s as if we said it first.

Swoon City

25 02 2010

Every single shot from the Details shoot: get your daily dose of Rob. I say tres sexy, even if he looks a little George Michael-esque in the freeze frame.

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You can read the entire Details interview here.

Robear: Entire Details spread plus Outtakes

19 02 2010

GASP. I don’t even know what to say. I need to cop this ASAP. So do you.

the foldout cover

she needs to put some panties on..or not

um, what good is robear with a sheet over his head...dont answer that

damn son

And now for the unpublished pics:

oh hello naked lady

oh snap, two a dem

there's that beautiful face

this shoot is kinda epic, sayin

oh you stop. just stop it right now!


dapper son


[via RobertPattinsonLife]

Rob in VOGUE. So.Hot.

14 02 2010

ok ok Rob and Emilie de Ravin in the new Vogue to promote their film, “Remember Me”. But she is so… eh.. whateves. Beautiful photos though.

dapper robear

I kinda like this, even though the girl is no KStew


Summer Plans 4 U

27 01 2010

Stalking Robear.

If you told yourself 2010 was the year you were gonna drop 10 lbs. and find love, well sugar tits, prepare to spend your summer in Ithaca, N.Y., being the only aloof girl in town and hopefully catching Rob’s eye.

Yeah right, but seriously, rumor has it that Rob will be at Cornell along with the rest of the cast of Water for Elephants (including Sean Penn and Reese W.), which centers on a Cornell veterinary student who drops out and joins the circus after his parents are killed. RPattz will star in the film as central character Jacob Jankowski. Filming starts in June.

[via the Ithaca Journal]