Kstew getting real with W

15 08 2011

Thanks to refinery 29 and my buddy Ali B for this adorbable conversation w Ms Kristen Stewart.

Twilight you are my type.

14 07 2010

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Fabulous type designer Jessica Hische has shared he exquisite craftsmanship with the likes of us twihards, and i couldnt be happier. Combine my love of twi and my love of type!

I heart you JH and all the glorious work that you do!


Happy Birthday SigO Alina!

6 12 2009



bella Alina!


Happy 30th Alinalicious! Hope you’re partying the night away at Art Basel in Miami, even though we all know you were secretly wishing you were celebrating in FORKS! Peach cobbler at the Diner!

We’re all wishing we were blowing out the candles with you! Watch out for paper-cuts when opening your prezzies.

XOXOXO SigOs love you!

Looking Good in your BBDakota Girl!

Alina is one of our OG NYC Sig O's!!!


Edward loves it when you wear your Sigma Twi Omega wife beater. He told us.

rush rush, hurry hurry lover come to me…

4 12 2009
Do it you won't do it!

Get STOked! Rush is OPEN!

Go new moon Go!

18 11 2009


Apple sigO and jj’s actual sigO pre-life-changing-new-moon-screening!

18 11 2009


This is why Benny gets to see new moon early!

18 11 2009