The Missing Victoria – Where was Rachelle Lefevre?

18 11 2009

Poor Rachelle aka The Real Victoria. She saved face from the whole getting canned for BryceHo thing and kept her priorities straight by tending to her pup Honey instead of going to the New Moon premiere in LA the other night.

Her tweet about it:

Rachelle Twitter

it's OK, rach. we get it.

Damn the MAN. Damn him.

After we full-on flipped out and lost our shizz with the rest of Twi community when the BS went down, Rachelle actually sent this to Alliecupcake and SarahTerrible. True story.

we love you too, boo.

Our prayers for Honey are with you, and you will always be OUR Victoria.

I wrote this song for you, sike, just kidding…

17 11 2009


Ugh. If you all were keeping up on the rapid fire tweets last night, it was me who was hating on Anya Marina. Hundreds of thousands of anxious fans tuned into the MySpace feed (mistake number 1) to watch her and Other Guy butcher what could have been a really cool look into the red carpet activities. First off, before I get the Hater of the Century Award… yes, I understand how nerve wracking it might have been and yes, I know how difficult it is to get out of bed and pretend to care about life… but if you aren’t up to the task… keep your satellite ass home.

A performance appraisal for Anya Marina, 10 areas of improvement identified:

  1. Oh for the love of god… do not plug yourself to every single person that gets on your platform. The reason why Gil Birmingham looked shocked and irritated is because he was and COMPLETELY valid in that.
  2. Brush your hair. But this is really just a symptom of a much larger problem;
  3. Don’t take drugs. Seriously, I hear slurring and concentration are greatly affected after a heavy shake of that Xanax bottle.
  4. Learn the actors’ names. This was not the event to run in all willy-nilly. If you are so psyched to be on the soundtrack and feel the need to tell everyone you already saw the movie… PAY ATTENTION TO THE CREDITS instead of just scanning for your own name or buy a magazine. ANY MAGAZINE. I bet Popular Mechanics even did a photoshoot with a couple of them.
  5. When UStream cuts out, use this as an opportunity. This is a great time to either whip open a little face book of everyone there or at least pound a little coffee to cut the downers.
  6. You are the only person that thinks your “quirkiness” is cute. </story>
  7. Great, now everyone thinks we’re losers too. You are here to do a job. We are here to watch you do it.  By association that we are watching this train go off the rails, it’s assumed that we are train wrecks too.  We had no choice but to watch and wince to just get a glimpse of Robear and KStew. Thanks for holding us hostage.
  8. Don’t creep out the children.  Yeah, Richie Sambora’s daughter was way cute… but I bet the second he left, he had to have one of those convos about drug and alcohol abuse that he was hoping to stave off for a few more years. Then again, knowledge is power, so maybe it was a good thing.
  9. Set an example. I get that this isn’t your normal gig, but Courtney the contest winner was so cute and nervous and really rose to the occasion. She isn’t showbiz, but she ran circles around you.
  10. Yeah, leave the jokes to the professionals. The third time you told an actor you wrote the song about them, I think it was Ashley Greene and she replied “Really?”… you said “no, not really, but check it out on….” The look on her face was priceless. A divine combination of “What?” and “Who are you?” By the time you got to Kristen, I was screaming through the screen to tell her to not buy into your act.

no doikes

Ok, I’m done ranting. And I promise I won’t bring it up again, Allie. It’s out of my system now.

(whisper– feel free to add your own bullets if you think I missed something)

More Red Carpet Shots

17 11 2009

There are a lot of bad-ass shots over at Star Pulse. Here are some highlights:

So grown up!

Stand-offish body langauge due to Miss Swift?

Best parents ever.

Princess swagger.

Elizabeth Reaser… Smoking on the Red Carpet

17 11 2009

Check her out… she’s giving them young things a run for their money.

Edward prefers Cougars

Get ’em girl, go on With your Hervé Leger dress and your weave. Rowr.

Robert Pattinson’s Response on the Red Carpet

17 11 2009

So sweet and sensitive.

Robert Pattinson, touched by the story of Myspace’s biggest Twi fan Courtney, had this to say about the power of the Twilight Saga;

“Any one who thinks …its… a guilty pleasure or anything, really underestimates [it].”


Nikki Reed Scoop from Red Carpet

17 11 2009

nikki shines in burberry

Nikki just got outed for having a secret Russian tattoo on her wrist, the blond host asked her about it, and she immd covered it up and said it was secret/private. Will we ever know of your Russian tattoo Nikki?!

Nikki also just revealed that she will be doing her first directorial debut in just a few weeks! We love you Nikki and we’re looking forward to it. Don’t worry about downplaying that “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” title, you got it girl!

Russian Wrist Tatt - you caught me!

[pics via Celebrity-Gossip]

Cute Hair Showdown – Boo Boo vs. Justin Chon

16 11 2009

Boo Boo!


the fabulous justin chon

Red Carpet Rob Pout

16 11 2009


First Official Photo of THE FIERCE ONE

16 11 2009

oscar de la whut

Ashley, Jamie and Jackson on the Red Carpet

16 11 2009

the doll

nevermind the teeth - jambo is cute

jbone's anti aunt mildred hair statement

[via getty images]