Rob and his fake abs- who cares

14 06 2009 is reporting that those delish abs we spotted during the Italy shoot, are in fact the result of serious makeup.

Robear hates the gym! DUH. He wouldnt be a pale british smoking rocker bad ass if he got up every morning and went to the gym!! 

Here’s a snippet:

According to an anonymous source who told Star magazine, the six-pack seen on Robert Pattinson is allegedly a byproduct of a team of make up artists who worked with Pattinson, also stating that “Rob is definitely not that in shape. He hates the gym and will never really be a muscle man!” The unnamed Star source goes on to reveal the New Moon production artists used such cinematic trickery as “liquid body paint, shading, and airbrushing” to give Robert Pattinson an appealing tone while the New Moon lighting technicians helped in the Twilight process to enhance “shading and highlights” on the actor’s body.

Does this news affect anything? No. But fun to deliver nevertheless.


thats some GOOD makeup cause those hip bones look real to me!

thats some GOOD makeup cause those hip bones look real to me!



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14 06 2009
Christina Padilla

um can they come to my house and hook the hubs up?

14 06 2009
Rob and his fake abs- who cares «

[…] Excerpt from: Rob and his fake abs- who cares […]

14 06 2009

wait, by hip bones… you mean his “brad pitts”, right?

14 06 2009
Kelly O

Quite frankly I would even be accepting of that nasty case of blue CGI measles he has AND airbrushed abs. I’m an open-minded giver that way.

14 06 2009

Painted abs… swine flu…i so would not kick him outta of bed for eating cookies! lol all i know is that is the luckiest paint brush in the world!

28 07 2009
Catherine Mae

ohw…so what??!! Rob is GORGEOUS….whatever that thing is who spread that gossip, the hell i care!!! go to hell!!!! You’re such a LOOSER!!!!! Robert is as SEXY and as HOT as ever!!!!

19 08 2009

i don’t give a shit if his ABS are real or not he’s smocking HOT anyway…Those hips…sexy as hell. Leave the poor guy alone.
I’d have my way with him abs or not any day.

1 03 2010
kayleyy may

who ever said that those abs were fake are .need seraous help hes beautiful and so are his abs deal with it !!!

26 10 2010
Calcium Ascorbate :

i like body paints because it could be used to portray art using your own body:~’

8 12 2010

Wow, that’s crazy man. They should really try to do something to fix that.

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