PFach Update

20 04 2010

nice tails
Ultimate DILF has a few things cooking, namely that he’ll be playing 1980s middleweight boxing champ Vinny Pazienzia in Paz, slated to start production in 2011.

Any West Va. Sig O’s better be heading to Governor’s Square Mall in Clarkesville next month, where Peter will be doing a meet and greet on May 5.

Autographs and photos are going for $25 and $40, with partial proceeds going to benefit the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a charity that seeks a cure for childhood cancer.

DILF: Peter Facinelli in the L.A. Times

7 12 2009


Super hot Cullen (and real-life) dad Peter F. spilled a little for the L.A. Times last week. On fame:
“It is easier for me to deal with now,” he said. “I can’t compare to Rob and Kristen because I’m not with them on a day-to-day basis. But I can say that for me, when I was 23 or 24, I wouldn’t have been able to handle this level of success. Being put under a microscope, I wouldn’t have been able to process it.”

Kellan on Bonnie Hunt

2 12 2009


Kellan with his numba one, Kola

Bonnie had Slutz on in full effect this morning, and has Ashley Greene scheduled as a guest on her show this Friday.

She also had Peter Facinelli on last year, watch that for good measure.

BTW Peter is a total Babe-ra-ham Lincoln. I’m getting all Twisexual with my teams. MUST STAY STRONG.

Twi-cast upcoming movie roundup: 2010

24 11 2009

Hey good lookinz

Yes, New Moon just came out, but can we get enough? Never! Since we always need MORE, a list of upcoming projects for the Twilight saga crew might fill those empty months from now until June, and from June until Breaking Dawn, whenever (and IF ever!) that is.

Obviously, the mother lode is in June with the release of Eclipse, but hopefully this list will help you through the months when we can’t get what we really really want! If actors are not listed, that means the only project I came across for that actor was Eclipse. If you know more, please get in touch and we Sig O’s will update the list accordingly.

The Twi-cast in 2010
Kristen Stewart (Bella)
Welcome to the Rileys – TBA, as Mallory ** This was originally slated to be released this year, but has been delayed. 2010 looks promising.
The Runaways – TBA, as Joan Jett)
K-11 -TBA, as Butterfly (with Nikki)

Robert Pattinson (Edward)
Remember Me – February, as Tyler
Unbound Captives – TBA (probably late in the year), as Phineas

Taylor Lautner (Jacob)
Valentine’s Day – February, as Tyler (wtf, Bella’s men are both playing Tylers. Coincidence? I think not!)
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PFach wears Uggs, frolicks with Fam in LA

11 10 2009

Man oh man. This just keeps getting better. Look JJ, yet another hot Twi Guy wearing the Uggs. Cause they’re comfortable, cute and functional. And so LA.

Here is Peter and his adorable wife Jennie Garth at their kid’s soccer game this weekend. What a good papa.

He is so Carlisle

He is so Carlisle

Sick black Uggs Peter, I bet your feet are so toasty and comfy

Sick black Uggs Peter, I bet your feet are so toasty and comfy

And just like that I get to tag another post with the word “UGGS”. That’s three now, as you remember the Wolfpack rocking the Uggs.Is it killing you?

Also it’s just been called to my attention by AlexisAvenged that the “socks” the Doll is rocking in the  Autumn Adorable post are really Sock UGGS. Booyakashan.

[via Team-Twilight]

Peter Facinelli Autograph-Signing in NY this Weekend!

16 09 2009

hey Would I Twi to YouAlinalicious and all NY sigO’s and homies…storm that joint! take no prisoners!!

note his earlier comment re: The Swayze :(

this is what i call an 'EgoSleek' twitter profile design

On Wednesday 16th September 2009, @peterfacinelli said:

This Sunday, Sept 20th I’ll be at the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown NY doing an autograph signing. Part of the proceeds will go to Alex’s Lemonade which helps find a cure for children’s cancer. If you’re in the area come visit:)

Galleria at Crystal Run
1 Galleria Drive
Middletown, NY 10941

He’s so great to the fans and to charity causes. Jennie Garth really is one lucky girl. First Dylan McKay, now The Fatch. She must be a saint. Santa Garthos of Guadalupe.

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ok I retract, p fatch

13 08 2009

First can I say that not only am I a fan of P. Fatch’s tweets, I love that he uses this application called “Twit Longer- for when you talk too much for Twitter”.

Lately his tweets have been lengthy. And he just tweeted the following which cancels out my earlier post today entitled:  “mrs. p fatch spills the beans”.

Peter Facinelli

On Thursday 13th August 2009, @peterfacinelli said:


Complete media fabrication. I read the transcript of what my wife actually said, which was, “My husband talks to me about Twilight stuff, but I promised him I wouldn’t talk about it.” Somehow that got turned into this. @sorichii So hey is it true your wife said this??

Its unbelievable how the media can just write whatever they want to sell papers.
Perez, love ya, but check your sources before u blog buddy.

Fatch no nakey?

7 08 2009

Oh Peter, we love you and kinda wish this wasn’t a joke. 😉


Full Story

MTV: Wow! Well, speaking of what you’ve seen: We interviewed Jamie Campbell Bower recently, and he was talking about a scene that you guys filmed for “New Moon.”

Facinelli: Right, I read that. The flashback where they’re all bathing in the Roman bath.

MTV: Chris Weitz says the scene doesn’t exist. Can you set the record straight?

Facinelli: No, they were naked. It was really weird! I mean, I come in and I’m in full 18th-century garb, and they’re in the Roman bath. Maybe it’s a surprise or something …

MTV: Are you messing with me?

cute expression round-up

25 07 2009

i don’t know bout y’all, but i’ve been beside myself in twi-consumption mode the past couple of days. videos and pics from comic-con are everywhere! it’s like a feast for the senses. in fact, i am pretty sure i have watched the 2 bootleg clips about 17jillion times. here are some gems that made me LOL.

smolder + zoinks

really? + zoinks

dance-off + smolder

dance-off + smolder





glowering part 2

glowering part 2

there’s a big old gallery over at Socialite Life that is only slightly tainted by their inclusion of rumer willis and audrina patridge.

cutest family ever besides the cullens of course

4 07 2009


oh facinellis. you win at life.

oh facinellis. you win at life.