Chaske lovin’ some b-ball

5 01 2010

So, after Eclipse comes out can I get court-side or what?

Papa WILF enjoyed a Trail Blazers vs. Cavaliers game in December in Cleveland. A rare, but glorious, shot.

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Chaske Spencer in Vain Magazine

15 12 2009

Chask-hay HAY HAY!  Someone’s looking super tight….

sick kicks

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Quileutes on the Red Carpet

17 11 2009


chaske - all black. so sleek!

julia jones - like a snow cone!

billy black stays in character.

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Meet the Wolf Pack – New Behind the Scenes Featurette

7 11 2009

OK, before you watch this video, note on the video still that one of the wolves is labeled “P.Wolf” … now what do you think that P stands for?

P-P-p-paaaAAAaarrrtyyyy!! (hahahh sorry)

But for realz, this vid is actually kind of awesome – it goes into the CGI animation and all that “making of” technical shizz, and it also includes interviews with Chaske Spencer, Alex Meraz (PW), TayLaut, KStew and director Chris Weitz. Pretty tight.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Meet the Werewolves“, posted with vodpod

Chaske and Kiowa in Vanity Fair

26 10 2009
Wolf week rounds out over at Vanity Fair. Last week we posted about their interview with Alex Meraz, and now here are some snippets from their features on fellow wolfies, Chaske Spencer and Kiowa Gordon.
its chas-kay

it's chas-kay

What did the wolves listen to during workouts?

I brought my iPod in, and I had tracks that would help us get through the workout. We played the Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage,” Metallica’s “Orion,” ACDC—that really pumped us up—some Guns N’ Roses, Soundgarden, Nirvana. I like to workout to a lot of hip-hop, too.

its k-EYE-oh-wah

it's k-EYE-oh-wah

What was your favorite scene to shoot?

I call it the “muffin scene.” It’s right after Bella finds out we’re all werewolves, and we take her to Emily’s house while Jacob, Paul, and Sam are off in the woods taking care of some wolf business.

And you eat muffins.

Yeah. A lot.

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New Moon Wolfpack: new promo shot

15 10 2009
strip poker is imminent

strip poker is imminent

A certain senorita over at Taylor Addiction posted a new promo shot of the pack today. Thanks to Team Twilight for hooking up the hotlinkable version. Stress the hot. Not enough skin for me, but it’ll do.

Bella Gets Carried Like a MF

9 10 2009

sike – she gets a ride from studly Chass-KAY aka Sam Uley.

would you a ride on the wolfy express?

NY sigO’s – catch Chaske, Alex and Edi on the reals at the big Halloween party in Atlantic City! Clicky clicky for the details.

The Pool After Dark

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The Wolves Eat Meat with Slutz

28 09 2009

Saturday night, Slutz met up with the wolves – Julia Jones (Leah Clearwater), Chaske Spencer, Kiowa Gordon, Alex Meraz and Bronson Pelletier – at Gotham’s steakhouse where I can only imagine they noshed on rare porterhouse.

The Alpha Dog - pronounced Chass-KAY

slutz spits game to leah clearwater

slutz spits game to leah clearwater

its almost weird seeing Alex Meraz not in his signature upside-down windmill pose.

it's almost weird seeing Alex Meraz not in his signature upside-down windmill pose.

Damn, son. That’s a lot of MEAT in one steakhouse!

no veggies here.


24 09 2009

Kiowa gives good face as he, Christian Serratos and Chaske Spencer rule the dance circle at the TwiTour in Arizona.

Let me see what you’re twerkin’ wit.

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