Kristen: ELLE 2010

31 05 2010

frame worthy


I love THIS

she should be every designer's muse. real talk

[view more pics from this shoot at KStewartFan]

Kstew Does Coachella

19 04 2010

trucker chic

Kristen caught some shows, scooped some Lacoste aviators and then dipped out, accompanied by her brother and a few friends. JJ, did you see her?

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Kristen Stewart and DFan do “Cherry Bomb”

5 03 2010

Keep puttin’ that pussy to the wood, girl.

Burberry Stew

23 02 2010

Front row status bitches. Seriously Kate Hudson and MKO need to step off and stop hoping some of the KStew will rub off on them…they are jockin her. HARD.

02.23.10: Burberry Prorsum Show – LFW Autumn/Winter 2010

oh shit kid!!!!

Kate Hudson, Fierceness

thats right, lean in a little closer K Hud

oh MK, take the sunglasses off

Kstew Kills At Life


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Vote for Kristen: Sexiest Woman of ’09

23 12 2009


Popsugar is taking a poll. CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR KSTEW.

Out of almost 4,000 votes Kristen is WAY in the lead, and this is her competition:

brazilian supermodels are NO competition for the Stew


Penelope Cruz 

Kristen Stewart 

Halle Berry 

Diane Kruger 


Megan Fox 

Kate Hudson 

Bar Refaeli 

Jessica Alba 

Gisele Bundchen 

I think we all know who the sexiest one of all is. So glad she is finally getting that sort of recognition. Ya betta reckanize!

Just thought now would be a good time to drop these NEW Interview outtakes. Booya

Kristen: Teen’s #1 searched celeb

17 12 2009

Well, well, well. Fierce bitch Kristen Stewart is in the number ONE spot of‘s Top 20 most searched fashionistas. That’s cause she is the numba one stunna. Duh.

that's right. el numero uno for the win.


in other Twi fashionista news, Dakota is #19. Not bad for grown up D Fan.

number 19, D Fan slips into that Top 20. good job.


17 12 2009

50 seconds of HQ gloriousness. OMG OMG OMG


Official Movie Site is NOW UP TOO

KStew: “I love girls who are in love with me”.

10 12 2009

I knew it. She said this to E! Online. She also let Nikki Reed pee on her. Well, she didnt let Nikki pee on her, but it happenned!

Creepyville, pop. 1 (still just me)

I would like this t-shirt instead of the wolves howling at the moon, Apple.


c'mon if this doesnt make you want to swing both ways, nothing will

Dyke Watch is the new Mullet Watch.

I know, I know Ive gotten out of hand inappropriate.

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I also would like to say…

8 12 2009

That’s it.

Twi-fecta on Jimmy Kimmel

21 11 2009

3 for the price of one!

Kristen’s style has really evolved. She has so come into her own since Twilight. This black dress with those straps flying off the waist, is so dominatrix like. I feel like if she busted out a whip at any point, Taylor or Rob would just get on their fucking knees!  The Louboutin stilettos! She is so in charge right now. She is a FRESH BITCH!