Edward and Bella – Eclipse Meadow Pic

23 12 2009

Summit released this still from Eclipse of Edward and Bella kickin’ it in the meadow a while ago.

Dear Summit:

You are such a tease. You really know how to work your Twi-magic. Pls send more stills.Thank you.

His best angle for sure.

This picture is very reminiscent of Robear’s days as a Jaw PornStar.
Fo real, look at the profound valley of darkness beneath his effervescent jaw line. YUM.

BTW’s: I know this still is old as shit, i just needed some Edward/Bella Meadow action in my life.

Bring Back Casual Edward

6 12 2009

The suit in question.

I’ve been going back and forth on why Edward’s look in New Moon was just bothering me. I think the thing that drew me to the Saga in the first place was how so very HIGH SCHOOL it is… the awkward classroom scenes in Twilight, the over-the-top obsessive crush as it is described in Meyer’s books… it is all just so accurate to the way a high school crush really looks, acts and feels. Right down to the clothing in Twilight.

I know the whole New Moon story revolves around Bella and Jacob, but WHY wasn’t I crushing as hard on Edward this time around? I honestly think it’s his threads! He was just TOO dressy – he was wearing fancy tweed trench coats and tailored suits (with the exception of the first school scene). I’m sorry, but no one in high school wears clothes like that. When NM movie stills starting creeping out, I initially thought his new look was fancy and improved. I’ve officially changed my mind. Team Casual Edward for me.

Thankfully, it looks like they are going back to our casual cool, easy breezy, high school stud muffin Edward for Eclipse.

Eclipse movie still. Yay, casual 17 year old! No pedo.

Perhaps they intentionally dressed more 1900’s because he had been in Europe away from Forks? According to NM costume designer , Tish Monaghan, in her Entertainment Weekly interview, it was RoBear who didn’t like the peacoat and wanted to be in a suit “to look more mature.”

Ummm. No. Edward is 17. HE DOESN’T AGE, REMEMBER??? He cannot just demand that in his rider. Sorry, Rob. Look, we’ll all look past NM as your “bouji suit phase”, but PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, go back to sneakers and jeans. Don’t make us blast the costume designer on Twitter, cuz our crazy asses will do it!

Here’s to a more laid back looking Edward in Eclipse. Or else.

Super Fan Ish

31 10 2009

Get your very own piece of Twi. Literally.

You can get TWILIGHT TRADING CARDS wih actual relics of the clothing worn by the cast while filming.  Purchase these “pieceworks” Trading cards in sets of 12, to get a snippet of  the ‘T-shirt worn by Robert Pattinson as Edward’  … & you  get a little bit of Jacob’s jeans is thats more to your liking, Team Wolfpack (*ahem SarahTerrible).

Gimme a piece of that.

Gimme a piece of that T.

When I saw this I thought, now that is taking it to a real deal super-fan level, like religious icons and relics…. but on second thought… its not nearly as super-fan as the pants a few posts back… that a whole ‘nother kind of dedication…

Thanks for the tip KaFANGas!

Robear Panties – taken to the next level

30 10 2009

His beautiful face not just on the outside of the pantaloons


my hubby would be so weirded out if i wore these. bummer.

But inside as well….


icing on the cake.

Just curious, but would you wear these? I’m on the fence.

Pimp Edward’s Ride

28 10 2009
what u think i vamp for? to push a f*kn rav-4?

what u think i vamp for? to push a f*kn rav-4?

The 2010 Volvo XC60. That’s what I’m talking about.

The commercial, featuring a Twi / New Moon mashup of scenes:

Edward’s Fancy New Coat

22 10 2009

Can we please discuss this? I was flipping through my New Moon Official Illustrated Movie Companion the other day, and it seems as though our boy has been upgraded.

Nothing says Edward Cullen like  a gray peacoat, right?

the OG twilight peacoat

the OG twilight peacoat

Behold, dear SigOs… the NEW and IMPROVED, fancier, lengthier luxe version for New Moon.

Goodbye, H&M. Hello, Brooks Brothers.

Goodbye, H&M. Hello, Brooks Brothers.

Have a Hot-ass Halloween

9 10 2009
i'm burning i'm burning i'm burning for youuuuuu

i'm burning i'm burning i'm burning for youuuuuu

i stumbled upon the sexiest pumpkin-carving stencil ever over at pinkraygun just in time for halloween.

Barbie-Bella <3's Ken-Edward

29 09 2009

Take them home with you as of November 1st!

Bella Barbi

Bella Barbie

Maybe if they do well (duh they will) we can eventually get outfit changes (homecoming dress?), shoe changes, hair accessories… Barbie cars?

Volvo, Porsche and Mercedes models of course, but where does Barbie stop and Bella begin….? Will the cars come in pink?

Will the Barbie Dream Condo be outfitted for Forks and not Malibu?!

Will the new Malibu Barbie Dream-home bedroom by Jonathan Adler be covered in Feathers?


covered in feathers?


The Edward Historical Timeline

26 09 2009

people do hilari things with Edward.

Before he met Bella…[click to enlarge]

These didn’t make the cut:

[via Twifans]

Watch over me…

11 09 2009

What TwiHard would not want this in their bedroom….

sweet dreams are made of this

sweet dreams are made of this

Thanks ohnotheydidnt & Tifa333