Nikki Reed in a cute dress

6 04 2010

spring time adorbs!

Last week at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, Nikki wore this Cynthia Steffe ruffle dress. You can wear it, too, for $325.

Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed Kissing for the Paps

13 01 2010

oh these goofy girls – stop toying with our heartstrings!

it’s so lesbolicious.

:alliecupcake busts a nut:

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Nikki Reed: Smallz and Raskind Shoot

23 12 2009

Get it gurl. Although you are too pretty for cigs.



no smokies






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Nikki Reed on Jimmy Kimmel

3 12 2009

I like how he jumps right into asking her about her experience writing Thirteen. This woman wrote a brillz screenplay at the age of 14. (ok ok with the help of Catherine Hardwicke)..but still, It should not be overlooked how talented she really is.

‘Last Day of Summer’ Trailer

2 12 2009

Nikki Reed’s new movie “Last Day of Summer” with DJ Qualls.

No official release date yet. Just says 2010.

Exclusive Sig-O Pics: Ashley Greene and a crew shot

1 12 2009

The remaining two pics (Twilight era) from my friend Mike Tran, exclusive to us pretty little Sig O’s.

Meshy Doll @ the VAs

Doll, Slutz, Nikki, Hairbone and Taylor

ONE campaign with Ashley, Kellan, Nikki, Jackson

1 12 2009

aww look at dems doin their part to make the world a better place! 

for more info go to

Nikki Reed peed on Kristen Stewart

29 11 2009

This is Nikki Reed on “it’s On with Alexa Chung”.

This interview is so great on so many levels. She fangirls out about meeting John Mayer backstage, and then he comes out and eye fucks her the rest of the interview. Then at the very end, he goes: “Kristen Stewart is so hardcore, she has like no media training, it’s awesome.” hahaha, John Mayer totally wants to have a threesome with Nikki and Kristen. (I love making up rumors and spreading them.)

P.S. Nikki is such an awesome girl, like I’ve always said. I’m glad people are starting to notice. Cute, intelligent, and she likes Biggie. Get on her level.

Nikki Reed prefers Biggie to the Beatles

24 11 2009

It was all a dream, I used to read word up magazine

And this is why I love her. Spin Magazine interview:

 Name a song that you’ve listened to in the past 24 hours.

“She’s Only Happy in the Sun.” It’s nonstop Ben Harper in my apartment. My first boyfriend played me this song when I was 14 because my life back then was all about going to Venice Beach. Luckily, we didn’t have a bad breakup, so I don’t have any painful memories attached to the music.

On that note, what song do you associate with your first kiss?
D’Angelo‘s “How Does It Feel” was playing at the time — in my head. Honestly, the most memorable make-out sessions I ever had were in [the 2003 movie] Thirteen. Those were hardcore.

Who would you like to portray in a rock biopic?
Rickie Lee Jones. Last year I went to see her at the Largo [in L.A.] on Valentine’s Day by myself. She seems eccentric. She started telling stories about her childhood, and I was thinking, “Oh, maybe this is the night when she wants to make this a personal experience.” But it turns out she does that all the time.

What’s the first album you bought with your own money?
The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I liked her in Sister Act 2. Also, I grew up in an area where I was a minority, so it was culturally diverse.

Do you have a go-to karaoke song?
I don’t drink, and karaoke is something you should only do drunk. But I’m obsessed with Adele. I put on “Chasing Pavements” and sing it in my apartment. The great thing about Adele is if you put her on top volume, you actually sound like her while you’re singing. I’ve gotten a few complaints from the neighbors.

What’s the most prized T-shirt in your collection?
[Friend and New Moon star] Kristen [Stewart] and I share a lot of clothes, so I wear a lot of Joan Jettshirts.

Kristen is playing her in a movie.
Yeah, Joan made replicas of the ones she used to wear in the ’80s and gave them to us.

What’s the last concert you attended?
I saw the Dead Weather in Vancouver, where we’re shooting [the third Twilight film] Eclipse. I got really into Jack White two years ago because of my friend Sage. She quizzes me on rock music, asking me things like “Who’s your favorite Beatle?”

So who is your favorite Beatle?
I guess Paul McCartney. This is going to be a controversial thing to say, but I don’t really understand the Beatles. If Kristen were here right now, she would slap me across the face. Then again, if I ask her, “What’s the first line of Biggie’s ‘Juicy’?” she wouldn’t know. Why don’t people sit around and talk about Ol’ Dirty Bastard the way they do the Beatles?

Twi-cast upcoming movie roundup: 2010

24 11 2009

Hey good lookinz

Yes, New Moon just came out, but can we get enough? Never! Since we always need MORE, a list of upcoming projects for the Twilight saga crew might fill those empty months from now until June, and from June until Breaking Dawn, whenever (and IF ever!) that is.

Obviously, the mother lode is in June with the release of Eclipse, but hopefully this list will help you through the months when we can’t get what we really really want! If actors are not listed, that means the only project I came across for that actor was Eclipse. If you know more, please get in touch and we Sig O’s will update the list accordingly.

The Twi-cast in 2010
Kristen Stewart (Bella)
Welcome to the Rileys – TBA, as Mallory ** This was originally slated to be released this year, but has been delayed. 2010 looks promising.
The Runaways – TBA, as Joan Jett)
K-11 -TBA, as Butterfly (with Nikki)

Robert Pattinson (Edward)
Remember Me – February, as Tyler
Unbound Captives – TBA (probably late in the year), as Phineas

Taylor Lautner (Jacob)
Valentine’s Day – February, as Tyler (wtf, Bella’s men are both playing Tylers. Coincidence? I think not!)
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