Rob Pattinson on Ellen

21 11 2009

Cute interview. Enjoy the bonus modeling shots of Rob from back in the day; they bring the LOLz. sick boxer/scarf combo.

JMZ: Twilight

20 11 2009

This just made me laugh. Alex Meraz says “shirtless brown boys.”  Plus this guy totally zings Mike Welch. Hilar.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The Cinema Society and D&G Host a Screening of New Moon

19 11 2009

Tonight. In NYC. Kristen and Nikki together! Yay! Eff the Nikki haters!

um is it me or does kristen keep getting hotter and hotter with every press event?

my fave makeup yet! cuz that's how I wear mine, duh

there are those sick Louboutins again.

[lots more pics at KstewartFan]

Knoxville Benefit Pics

18 11 2009

Here is that dress!  Just like I promised you twi hearts.

they did it for the childrenz

pin-upy, nice peep toes

dont mess with the stew, she out attitudes even me

Team Jacob!

In mere hours, We will be watching New Moon. I’m soexcite.

[Lots and lots more HQ pics at]

New Moon Red Carpet- L.A. Bitches

16 11 2009

Right now this is happening. They’re setting up for the madness.

Mann’s Village Theatre. Westwood. 


its becoming a reality...


Kstew is gonna be wearing something VICIOUS! squeeee

Robsten lovefest, I mean NM promotional tour, hits Munich

14 11 2009

oh taylor, you are so Jacob.


bondage stew


they really have become Edward and Bella


sex on a platter


one day that will be an Oscar. Not for playing Bella, but...


oh damn. her hair looks tight, and their lips are almost touching.

If you’re wondering what awards they are holding there, its the Bravo Award for Best Movie of the Year. Never heard of it, but an award is an award dammit.

[via GettyImages]

the Twi-fecta on Jimmy Kimmel

13 11 2009

These pics were taken earlier this month, from the taping of the show which airs on November 20th. 7 days til all hell breaks loose.


so happy together!


I have Britney's new jam "3" stuck in my head

I would just like to say for the record, that I am super stoked on how happy they seem to be this time around doing the press for New Moon as opposed to Twilight. Yay ‘fecta!

Let the Press Junkets Begin!

9 11 2009

Kristen, Taylor, Rob and all the Cullens doing their press thang.

This is almost 10 minutes of cast interview goodness.

And mega bonus: at about the 5:08 mark Esme zings the Interviewer gooood. Oh Esme.