Jackson as Edward Cullen?

15 08 2009

Catherine Hardwicke recently said that the 4 finalists (who she called bachelor 1, 2, 3, 4) for the part of Edward Cullen were Jackson Rathbone, Robert Pattinson, Ben Barnes, and Shiloh Fernandez. She said to watch for Shiloh because she predicts that he’s going places.


the Chosen One

the Chosen One


I think he wouldve made an excellent Edward, but I am glad he was cast as Jasper

I think he wouldve made an excellent Edward, but I am glad he was cast as Jasper


Ben Barnes aka Prince Caspian

Ben Barnes aka Prince Caspian


Brittany Snow with Shiloh Fernandez

Brittany Snow with Shiloh Fernandez

Shiloh is pretty cute, like a young Joaquin Pheonix. I could be down with him. Although there is no doubt, Robear is the Chosen Sparkly One. Thoughts on these final 4 bachelors?



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15 08 2009

Ben Barnes looks too much like Taylor to be honest, so I don’t think it would have been a good contrast there. And I agree, Shiloh definitely looks like a young Joaquin Pheonix, I could see him playing more of one of the Volturi then the romantic Edward Cullen. Jackson definitely rocks Jasper, so well placed there. So in the end, as always, I think RP was and is perfect as the fabulous, oh so romantic, butter flies in the stomach Edward Cullen.

16 08 2009

i can say Ben Barnes is perfect, too perfect for the role actually!

17 08 2009

So the way I got into this whole twilight mess was because my mom (an elementary/middle school Media specialist aka a supper librarian who read the book because all her students were and was going to try and make lessons from it) dragged me to the movie theater because my father wouldn’t go see it with her.

Through out the whole movie she would whisper to me, this is not how it happened in the book. The seccond we walked out she very seriously and somewhat sternly stated. “Well it was good, but the guy who should have played Jasper should have been Edward, and maybe the guy who played Edward should have been Jasper. They messed that one up in casting!” I do not agreem but…

Ooooo is my mom going going to be tickled to hear this!

21 10 2009

I think they made great picks for all of them. Rob is an amazing Edward and Jackson is a sexy Jasper….

14 12 2009

=) I gotta say, Robert Pattinson makes a WONDERFUL Edward. I would say Jackson, but no one needs to be kissing on my man!!! <33 ~TwilightVampiac

18 07 2010
Mrs. Jackson Rathbone

Whoa there, Robert Pattinson is the ONLY ONE for Edward. Kristen and Robert are the perfect combination. Now, first of all, I am Mrs. Jackson Rathbone, and I am nothing like Bella, so had he played Edward, then I would have to be Bella, which is bad because I am alot more like Alice. That’s why I am Alice.
Alice + Jackson = Alison! Haha, well, we’ve found the name of our first daughter!

11 03 2011

All guys could have made a good Edward as they all have looks & incredible talent but Rob is the best Edward– I think he made the fist film and Taylor made the second , the whole cast made the third. Casting for all is great but I want to see more Emmett,Please!!!! Oh and I have followed Shiloh for a few years now and he is going to blow you away… sorry but he is above all the other guys as far as the whole package is concerned. He needs more lead roles, I just saw Red Riding Hood and it is a must see for anyone who enjoyed Twilight and the likes. Looking forward to more Shi 🙂 P.S. Catherine Hardwicke did RRHood too.

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