Ashley’s tote

6 08 2009

I keep seeing Ashley carry this tote around and I have decided I want it. Does anyone know who makes it and where I can get one?


alice + esme kickin it in Vancouver. work it out ladies.

alice + esme kickin it in Vancouver. work it out ladies.

But back to me, I need more info on this tote.

he cleans up pretty good – suited roBear

9 07 2009

here are some pics of a lovely dapper roBear from yesterday (aka 789) on set of Remember Me. i feel like i’ve been holding back on my posting of pics of poor fan-mangled rob in my silent protest against all the psycho stalker new york women who are attacking him everyday and ultimately turning him off of that city. i fear they may turn him off of american women completely, and before you know it, women all together. and then i saw these…

be still my beating heart … can they just make him the next Bond and call it a day?

bond. edward bond.

bond. edward bond.

can a profile break your heart? apparently so.

can a profile break your heart? apparently so.

greco roman gods got nothing on this.

even the gods of greek mythology - even adonis himself - got nothing on this brow-nose-eyes configuration.

[via Gossip Center]

FYTwi: Christian Serratos

1 07 2009

Let us pay a lil homage to adory sweet quiet little Angela Weber, my favorite human character co-star (aside from the obvs-Bella), who – in case you hadn’t noticed yet, is actually kindof a fox – as Christian Serratos.

She’s Italian, Mexican and Irish, and ADORABLE!  She’s musical, a dancer, a skater and a jewelry maker! Read more about her at the

Foxy Christian Serrattos

Foxy Christian Serratos

day 1 on-set of the runaways

22 06 2009
oh .. hello. i'm kstew's new 'do. all did up.

oh .. hello. i'm kstew's new 'do. all did up.

and i go really well with high-waisted jeans, FYTwi.

and i go really well with high-waisted jeans, FYTwi.

you dont fool us, good girl. you baad baad girl!

those knee socks don't fool us. yer gonna kiss a girl, you little harlet!

i foresee this movie sparking a mass style movement, single-handedly. i feel like high-waisted pants thing, though frequented by celebs, has yet to really really make its mainstream debut. you might see the stray brave soul here and there at the bars, but it’s usually its safer close cousin: high-waisted shorts. watch out world, there’s a whole era of camel-toe  on the horizon coming your way.

mark my words, on this day. i’m officially calling it.

Put another dime in the juke box baby

11 06 2009

I don’t hate myself for loving KStew, I love her new Rock and Roll Style!

Black like my heart

Black like my heart

The only bad thing about this is how long we are going to have to agonizing-ly wait for it to come to theaters.

kStew got her hair chopped?

9 06 2009

can’t really tell if it’s just the angle or the way it’s done up, but it looks like kStew was sporting a new ‘do yesterday. her tell-tale pony+barette combo can only mean someone cut it a little too short for her liking.

rockin her signature tied t-shirt steez

tying t-shirts is the new cutting the sleeves off

here is a shot of kristen and dakota leaving their vocal coach in LA yesterday (in preparation for their roles as rockers in The Runaways).

dont be self-conscious, kristen. you could shave a backwards mohawk and dye your sideflaps purple and youd still be lovely.

don't be self-conscious, kristen. you could shave a backwards mohawk and dye your sideflaps purple and you'd still be lovely.

Be Safe pendant

8 06 2009

Let’s be honest… Right now I am doing everything in my power to put off taking my car to get inspected. It’s not going to pass, it’s going to be costly and i just want to find my happy place. Alliecupcake taught me a valuable lesson the other day… the new “Calgon take me away” is now “Take me to the forest/meadow” So this morning, I am stalling by taking a nice leisurely stroll through that goddamn glorious meadow.

And look what I found…

I just really love it. It’s subtle, it’s tasteful and I love the wisps of “blood” swirling through it. Ahhhh, take me to the forest….

rrrrewind! wolfpack DANCE OFF

4 06 2009

wikky wikky, wooowwnn… wikky wikky, wooownn… who got served?

baby jacob bboy steez

3 pts for being baby jacob with sick abs. no pedo.

dress shoes steez

1 point for good flex. 2 points for dress shoes.

Not that hair…

1 06 2009

Ok, I hate to be the one to rock the love boat that is New Moon, but… what the HELL did they do to Jasper? I found myself more glued to Jasper’s new ‘do than anything else in the trailer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I adore my Jackson (not trying to start a fight Lu) and I have numerous witnesses to my freeze frame action of Jasper as he knocks the ball out during the baseball game in Twilight, that’s one good looking boy.

But seriously… what the forks is this?


(copying this photo and uploading because the gallery keeps getting shifted around on and big thanks to

Let’s just take a minute though to appreciate the good times…

hey do you know tad?

twirl that bat.

twirl that bat.

no, hello TO YOU.

no, hello TO YOU.

UPDATE: Here’s my beloved freeze frame. *gush*

Check out this beast…

31 05 2009

everything but the kitchen sink...

everything but the kitchen sink...

It’s the ENTIRE bella/edward story on your wrist and it’s less than 30 bucks, be sure to read the detailed list what each charm is for. Nice job, wolfpc00