Rosalie/ Bella Eclipse scene!!!

23 05 2010

We’re trying not to go overboard by posting too many scenes from Eclipse, because by the time New Moon came out, we had seen practically the entire movie in bootleggy form.(you know you did too)

But this one is short, so it doesnt give too much away, and Rosalie looks beautiful!  CANTWAIT

More Eclipse Official-ness

25 03 2010

This came out a few days ago, Bella is totes getting hotter.

wig looks tight

Oh shit, “it all begins with a choice”. Ain’t dat the truf?

Edward and Bella – Eclipse Meadow Pic

23 12 2009

Summit released this still from Eclipse of Edward and Bella kickin’ it in the meadow a while ago.

Dear Summit:

You are such a tease. You really know how to work your Twi-magic. Pls send more stills.Thank you.

His best angle for sure.

This picture is very reminiscent of Robear’s days as a Jaw PornStar.
Fo real, look at the profound valley of darkness beneath his effervescent jaw line. YUM.

BTW’s: I know this still is old as shit, i just needed some Edward/Bella Meadow action in my life.

Even more New Moon stills

6 11 2009

Twilight-Hot-News got their mitts on new stills from NM. Thanks, cuz I can’t get enough.

where you at, boo?

where you at, boo?

shirt on, for now

shirt on, for now

wtf? i thought i had way more candy corn than this in my halloween baggie!

wtf? i thought i had way more candy corn than this in my halloween baggie!

oh yeah? you won't believe the hottie i met in A.C.!

team jorts!

fight or flight mode

fight or flight mode

sweet suit, dream boy

sweet suit, dream boy

Wanted – Undead or Alive

30 10 2009

This is pretty fantastic. It’s a spoof on Bon Jovi’s “Wanted: Dead or Alive” using the  ‘New Moon’ plot.

I’m actually really impressed with the quality of this video. My favorite part is Jacob. So hilar.

Barbie-Bella <3's Ken-Edward

29 09 2009

Take them home with you as of November 1st!

Bella Barbi

Bella Barbie

Maybe if they do well (duh they will) we can eventually get outfit changes (homecoming dress?), shoe changes, hair accessories… Barbie cars?

Volvo, Porsche and Mercedes models of course, but where does Barbie stop and Bella begin….? Will the cars come in pink?

Will the Barbie Dream Condo be outfitted for Forks and not Malibu?!

Will the new Malibu Barbie Dream-home bedroom by Jonathan Adler be covered in Feathers?


covered in feathers?


Bella’s Prom and Birthday Dresses – Get Yours!

18 09 2009

Hey kiddies… for some of you, homecoming may be right around the corner. For the rest of us old hags, halloween is creeping up. We all know that Twilight was a pretty low-budget production in its pre-fandamonium infancy on the silver screen, so the original Max & Cleo halter dress worn by KStew in the movie was literally found at Ross for like $20. for realz.

probably the first Ross dress to be replicated and sold at a 700% profit.

probably the first Ross dress to be replicated and sold at a 700% profit.

Black Diamond bridal shop in the tiny town of Port Angeles, WA is cashing in. They’ve made exact replicas of both Bella’s prom dress in Twilight and the birthday dress she wears in New Moon.

Prom dress = $139

Birthday dress = $239

Only 3 available, so let’s just assume they are gonzo by the time you read this. And I don’t mean they have fuzzy blue hook noses.

[via 3am]

Beautiful Eclipse fan made poster

26 08 2009

Now that all the “official” ish has been released for New Moon, it’s time to start unveiling some Eclipse fan made art. Being that I have a huge hard on for Bella, I j’adore this one.  Thank you Deviant, you never let Cupcake down. Sick use of the red ribbon.


designed by Julushko Navara

designed by Julushko Navara

Kstew & Jakie Poo Talk to me.

29 07 2009

This is so cute the way Jakie and Kstew interact here. I get the feeling Jake is in “on” mode for the reporters and Kristin’s a little more natural, but you can tell they are kinda vibin off each other and i like it.




Moontan Ken

23 07 2009

While in a bookstore last night, I spied the newest Edward doll by Tonner and that got me thinking about what other dolls are out there. Unleash the Barbie and Ken of ultimate luv.
finally, real people are finally hotter than barbies
The Bella and Edward Barbies are slated for release this October. Just in time to have them handy to press the remote control buttons while you play Twilight Scene It?

[via The Examiner]