Seating Rearrangement

31 05 2009

Best line about MTV Music Awards seating squabbles — from ENews onlne:

The former music television channel’s stars seemed to be causing most of the rhubarb: Reality star Whitney Port reportedly had to be moved away from Twilight’s Kristen Stewart, since Whit had dissed the vampire flick as “really bad” and dinged Stewart as “one-dimensional.”

— Seriously, though, isn’t that one dimension more than Whitney’s shown?

Loves it. The Hills v. Twilight; its like Werewolves v. Vampires… Close call, and you still love all of them at the end.



5 responses

31 05 2009

are you shitting me jj? no one loves the HILLS like they love Twilight. its like the difference in how you love your favorite co-worker who entertains you during the day and how you love your deepest truest love. shut it.

31 05 2009

shut it? i didnt even post this. but i still think its hilar that they showed whitney who is boss.

31 05 2009

whitney’s the one that’s gotta shut it! just sayin!

31 05 2009

sorry my brain is all new moon, but the hills v. twi is like putting your grandmother up against a fight with NFL players. its not even the same league son.
jj- sorry for saying shut it. agreed whitney should shut that boring ass hole in her face.

1 06 2009

s’all good. love you guys! good job tonight with all the sensory overload coverage sigO’s!

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