Rob in VOGUE. So.Hot.

14 02 2010

ok ok Rob and Emilie de Ravin in the new Vogue to promote their film, “Remember Me”. But she is so… eh.. whateves. Beautiful photos though.

dapper robear

I kinda like this, even though the girl is no KStew


Kristen: Teen’s #1 searched celeb

17 12 2009

Well, well, well. Fierce bitch Kristen Stewart is in the number ONE spot of‘s Top 20 most searched fashionistas. That’s cause she is the numba one stunna. Duh.

that's right. el numero uno for the win.


in other Twi fashionista news, Dakota is #19. Not bad for grown up D Fan.

number 19, D Fan slips into that Top 20. good job.

Bring Back Casual Edward

6 12 2009

The suit in question.

I’ve been going back and forth on why Edward’s look in New Moon was just bothering me. I think the thing that drew me to the Saga in the first place was how so very HIGH SCHOOL it is… the awkward classroom scenes in Twilight, the over-the-top obsessive crush as it is described in Meyer’s books… it is all just so accurate to the way a high school crush really looks, acts and feels. Right down to the clothing in Twilight.

I know the whole New Moon story revolves around Bella and Jacob, but WHY wasn’t I crushing as hard on Edward this time around? I honestly think it’s his threads! He was just TOO dressy – he was wearing fancy tweed trench coats and tailored suits (with the exception of the first school scene). I’m sorry, but no one in high school wears clothes like that. When NM movie stills starting creeping out, I initially thought his new look was fancy and improved. I’ve officially changed my mind. Team Casual Edward for me.

Thankfully, it looks like they are going back to our casual cool, easy breezy, high school stud muffin Edward for Eclipse.

Eclipse movie still. Yay, casual 17 year old! No pedo.

Perhaps they intentionally dressed more 1900’s because he had been in Europe away from Forks? According to NM costume designer , Tish Monaghan, in her Entertainment Weekly interview, it was RoBear who didn’t like the peacoat and wanted to be in a suit “to look more mature.”

Ummm. No. Edward is 17. HE DOESN’T AGE, REMEMBER??? He cannot just demand that in his rider. Sorry, Rob. Look, we’ll all look past NM as your “bouji suit phase”, but PLEASE for the love of all that is holy, go back to sneakers and jeans. Don’t make us blast the costume designer on Twitter, cuz our crazy asses will do it!

Here’s to a more laid back looking Edward in Eclipse. Or else.

Get Your Own Adorable Jane Cloak

2 12 2009

im adorable

and perfect for winter layering

Volturi chic. Handmade with Italian fabric by PaulaAndErika on Etsy. One hundy bones.

Kristen voted Vogue’s Best Dressed of the Week!

13 11 2009



a citrusy offering!

“With Twilight fever sweeping the globe, it’s Kristen Stewart’s big red carpet moment. While everyone else has their eyes on her co-star, RPatz, we have had our eyes on her wardrobe – which, this week, has featured a citrusy offering from Proenza Schouler’s spring/summer 2010 collection and a creamy J. Mendel cocktail dress.”

[via Vogue UK]

Damn why is Kristen so cool?

12 11 2009

a smile with teeth! rare..

Peep this leather jacket she is wearing in the new Entertainment Weekly shoot. I want it.

It’s the Schott NYC Perfecto Classic 618 Leather Biker jacket. Buy it here.


so legit

* The Original heritage biker jacket made first in 1928 nearly 40 years before Harley Davidson made their verson. 

* Made famous on the screen by cult actor Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones” which focused on the rebellion rise of Rock and Roll, fast cars and oversized, over-powered motorbikes. Perfecto was the perfect motocycle jacket and the only true original. 

* Get the original this winter at Schott NYC

I would also like to add, looky who was wearing the same jacket for the AnOtherMan Magazine cover shoot. How fucking cute. Are they sharing clothes now?


its unisex! JJ loves it!

R and K: Harper’s Bazaar Gloriousness

5 11 2009

Oh lookie who’s on the cover of the December Harpers Bazaar. They did a joint interview/photoshoot. The shoot is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen them do. To view all the pics go here: Harper’s .

All that speculation, we knew it was coming!


there's our cover


she's a princess!


snuggletown. pop. 2


it's the meadow scene but in more fabulous clothes!


models slash actors

I have died. This died me.

Rachelle lookin lovely in Gotham Magazine

4 11 2009

Rachelle is a total fashionista!

“When she’s not on set, the 30-year-old Montreal native prefers J Brand jeans, tees, boots, blazers and a signature piece of chunky jewelry. Her last fashion splurge: a gray patent leather Chloé Eloise bag. And while she’ll also cop to Balmain and Stella McCartney obsessions, it’s at New York City’s myriad vintage stores, including Cadillac’s Castle and Zachary’s Smile, that she gets her best retail therapy.”


work that glorious hair girl

The whole shoot is fantastical and gorgeous. Click here to view the slide show.

MORE Halloween

1 11 2009

Enough about OUR costumes – Looky what the Doll and Slutzy dressed up as!


Boy Wonder and Pretty as a Peacock

Thanks Twilighters

Edward’s Fancy New Coat

22 10 2009

Can we please discuss this? I was flipping through my New Moon Official Illustrated Movie Companion the other day, and it seems as though our boy has been upgraded.

Nothing says Edward Cullen like  a gray peacoat, right?

the OG twilight peacoat

the OG twilight peacoat

Behold, dear SigOs… the NEW and IMPROVED, fancier, lengthier luxe version for New Moon.

Goodbye, H&M. Hello, Brooks Brothers.

Goodbye, H&M. Hello, Brooks Brothers.