Kristen and Dakota at Sundance

23 01 2010
PARK CITY, UT – JANUARY 23: (L-R) Actress Dakota Fanning, director Floria Sigismondi, and actress Kristen Stewart pose for a portrait during the 2010 Sundance Film Festival held at the WireImage Portrait Studio at The Lift on January 23, 2010 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Jeff Vespa/WireImage)

the director of this movie is smoking hot

cute x3

2 sexy bitchfaces and a sexy sweetface

this movie needs to come out already

 And adorable D Fan arriving at the airport in Utah- cute scarf!

love the boots, someone's taking a page from the Kstew book of fashion

Today my girl was busy, after posing for The Runaways, she headed out, in the snow, to the premier of her film Welcome to the Rileys, in which she plays a stripper. She was overheard saying this is the role she is most proud of thus far. Yay.

so presh

I think it's a smile! a cute one!

NEW “Runaways” Still!

14 01 2010

Thank you L.A. Times.

jane and bella are soooo bffs...wait I mean cherie and joan

Dakota on the Cover of V Magazine

5 01 2010


Couldn’t find a bigger pic, but I’m sure scans will be coming out soon. Keep an eye out for the January issue of V Magazine!

On The Runaways: ‘I really enjoyed doing that subject matter for the first time in a biopic, because it really happened, it’s not just a made-up story about a 15-year-old running wild. It’s a true story of her evolution from good Valley Girl to bad rock ‘n roll princess’.

On kissing KStew: ‘It’s passionate,they were just as close as two could get’.

On drugs: ‘It’s actually crushed B vitamins. Kristen and I were, like, our hair is gonna grow a lot from these’.

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Dakota Speaks About Brittany Murphy

22 12 2009

Uptown Girls, 2003

“I got to know Brittany when we made the film Uptown Girls,” the New Moon cutie said in a statement. “We became great friends despite the fact we were many years apart in age. Brittany had such a warm child-like spirit that drew people to her. With her goes a piece of my heart and I will miss her terribly. I know how strong Brittany’s love was for her family and my heart goes out to all of them, especially her mother Sharon. I love you Brittany.”

::heart breaks::

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Kristen: Teen’s #1 searched celeb

17 12 2009

Well, well, well. Fierce bitch Kristen Stewart is in the number ONE spot of‘s Top 20 most searched fashionistas. That’s cause she is the numba one stunna. Duh.

that's right. el numero uno for the win.


in other Twi fashionista news, Dakota is #19. Not bad for grown up D Fan.

number 19, D Fan slips into that Top 20. good job.

First Runaways still released of Dakota and Kristen!!

12 12 2009



Fanmade poster:

Dakota and Kristen are going to kill us dead with this film.


AND BEHOLD: The first movie still was released to coincide with the showing of this film at Sundance. GASP.




Twi-cast upcoming movie roundup: 2010

24 11 2009

Hey good lookinz

Yes, New Moon just came out, but can we get enough? Never! Since we always need MORE, a list of upcoming projects for the Twilight saga crew might fill those empty months from now until June, and from June until Breaking Dawn, whenever (and IF ever!) that is.

Obviously, the mother lode is in June with the release of Eclipse, but hopefully this list will help you through the months when we can’t get what we really really want! If actors are not listed, that means the only project I came across for that actor was Eclipse. If you know more, please get in touch and we Sig O’s will update the list accordingly.

The Twi-cast in 2010
Kristen Stewart (Bella)
Welcome to the Rileys – TBA, as Mallory ** This was originally slated to be released this year, but has been delayed. 2010 looks promising.
The Runaways – TBA, as Joan Jett)
K-11 -TBA, as Butterfly (with Nikki)

Robert Pattinson (Edward)
Remember Me – February, as Tyler
Unbound Captives – TBA (probably late in the year), as Phineas

Taylor Lautner (Jacob)
Valentine’s Day – February, as Tyler (wtf, Bella’s men are both playing Tylers. Coincidence? I think not!)
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Dakota Fanning on Jay Leno last night

20 11 2009

She is such a little darling and her shoes are effing killer.

Part Deux


Grown Up D. Fan keeps getting lovelier

9 11 2009




such a little lady!


stop playin!


jaw droppingly cute


g'head D. Fan, we see you!

This makes me doubly excited for her role as Jane in New Moon and her role as Cheri in the Runaways. Kill it girl. Kill it like Kstew.


All Hail Princess Dakota!

2 11 2009

So wholesome. So pure.

Little Jane of the Volturi is just so all-American in the I always forget she is just 15, but indeed she is the reigning teen of North Hollywood’s Campbell Hall Episcopal High School. No home-schooling for this girl. She is a cheerleader and was just named Homecoming Princess. Congrats, Dakota, on being so perfectly normal. Good job.

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