Taylor and Rob are some of MTV’s MOTY

17 12 2009

sex in a tux

Taylor beat out Rob on MTV’s Man of the Year list, coming in at #4 while Robear is #6. WILF>VILF? This list is a little wack, considering Adam Lambert beat them both out. Whatevz.

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New Moon Wolfpack: new promo shot

15 10 2009
strip poker is imminent

strip poker is imminent

A certain senorita over at Taylor Addiction posted a new promo shot of the pack today. Thanks to Team Twilight for hooking up the hotlinkable version. Stress the hot. Not enough skin for me, but it’ll do.

Taylor: jock hot for Rolling Stone

9 10 2009

jock hot

this is what is known as "jock hot", originated by Slutz, perfected by TayLaut

Today, October 8th, Taylor was photographed on the beach in Los Angeles for Rolling Stone. All I have to say is where the fuck was I? Why can’t I just be strolling down the beach and bump into Taylor doing this? 

THERE IT IS AGAIN. This is officially the GO TO wolf pack pose, and you can all credit JJ for being so in tune to the wolves that she called this months ago

THERE IT IS AGAIN. This is officially the GO TO wolf pack pose, and you can all credit JJ for being so in tune to the wolves that she called this months ago

This layout is going to be HOT

This layout is going to be HOT

More over at JustJaredJr . An entire gallery of this. OMG.

knoxville premiere update – KStew & TayLaut confirmed!

15 09 2009

New updates on the Knoxville premiere of New Moon… mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 17.

do i smell a roadtrip?

do i smell a roadtrip?

Knoxville.com confirms KStew and TayLaut will be in the MF hizzy!! There are rumors swirling around on Twitter that Rob might be going, but that is not yet confirmed. You have to enter a drawing in person for a chance at purchasing 2 tix for $100.

“…there will be a limited number of tickets available to the public, distributed by drawing.

Fans can register for the drawing from Oct. 9-11 exclusively at Regal Cinemas locations in Knoxville — Pinnacle Stadium 18, West Town Mall Stadium 9, Riviera Stadium 8, Knoxville Center Stadium 10 and Downtown West 8.

Winners’ names will be drawn Nov. 3, and they will be given the opportunity to purchase two general admission tickets for $100 each.”

According to Google Maps, Knoxville is about 7.5 hrs from DC. Pack up your mini Edwards and cardboard Edwards, ladies, we’re headin’ down to Tennessee for the ho down y’all!


[via Knoxville.com]

EW vid of TayStew wrestling

14 08 2009

AWWWW.  Seriously they are so presh. It kills.

the men of twilight at TCA

10 08 2009

i cannot wait to watch this tonight! i was so bummed that i thought i missed it – alas i just realized they happened last night, but not airing until tonight. yay!

3 hottie amigos

the cullen boys

looks like each of our cullen boys stuck to their traditional style formulas: preppy slutz, plaid and slightly disheveled roBear and classic vested jBone. hey — if ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!

TayLaut, on the other hand, seems to be still finding his signature style. don’t get me wrong, he’s totally gorg in everything he wears (no pedo) but i think he has yet to claim a specific steez. nah mean? here his outfit is slightly justin timberlake-y, which i dig. and judging by the flock of women around him, he must be wearing Axe body spray.

ohh la la ... hello, wolfy.

ohh la la ... hello, wolfy.

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Kstew & Jakie Poo Talk to me.

29 07 2009

This is so cute the way Jakie and Kstew interact here. I get the feeling Jake is in “on” mode for the reporters and Kristin’s a little more natural, but you can tell they are kinda vibin off each other and i like it.



Via: twilight-movie.org