Doggie Style – Kellan Lutz

27 10 2009

AAWWWWW. If the picture doesn’t just kill you, then read his quote about adopting Kola from the winter edition of Doggie Aficianado. That WILL kill you. Guaranteed. Dead.

doggie style slutz

doggie style slutz

“She looked me in the eyes, bowed and slowly and softly licked my open hand. As I pet this beautiful dog I realized how soft her multi-colored coat was, and felt her desperation for a real home. Our connection was so strong that it was like fate bringing us together. I knew she was the one.”

For more Slutz + Kola, check out our previous post: Doggie Style – Shirtless Kellan Edition

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christian serratos doggie style

4 09 2009

awwww… her puppy’s name is Bolt. 2cute.

mushy mushy!

mushy mushy!



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ashley plus marlow= true luv

2 09 2009


2 kewt

2 kewt

Ash “the Dollface” Greene goes nowhere without her Marlow. It’s like Oliver and I. Don’t leave home without ’em! 

 Greene  Greene   Greene   Greene

 Greene  Greene   Greene   Greene



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doggie style – fabulous edition

11 08 2009

i just love justin chon. many would argue that Erik Yorkie is the unsung hero of the movie Twilight, as Bella’s initial guide to Forks HS warning Angela that the feature on Bella is DEAD and not to bring it up again. who didn’t chuckle when he dangled the worm on the stick during the field trip “Bella … it’s a worm”.

here is an adorable video from the TCA where he discusses his love for Prince Turbo the maltese, his family dog.

how did he not get the Choice Fab-U-Lous award? this is not his dog, but it is a maltese, and also what i hope and pray Turbo looks like:

princess huff n stuff

girrrrrrl, get me some tiny horn-rimmed glasses and call me Prince Turbo

Clicky clicky for more previously reported information on the other stars’ doggie style, including Slutz running shirtless (YESSS).

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Jacob Black Memoirs?

4 06 2009

Every morning I troll around the design boards/blogs for inspiration and since these books have come into my life… well, all I see is twilight. It’s EVERYWHERE. I came across this image and the first thing I thought was… this is the future cover of Jacob Black’s best-selling autobiography.

Macabre. I love it.

doin it doggie style – again.

2 06 2009

In last week’s edition of doggie style, we discussed rachelle’s, kstew’s and roBear’s pooches. Welcome to part deux.

here, kellankellankellan, you wanna treat? treatskies?

here, kellankellankellan, you wanna treat? treatskies?

Now that I have your attention… that’s kellan mcHotterson with his dog Kola, looking super jock-hott.

Here are some pics of Taylor with OPD (other people’s dogs):

this was shot while filming for New Moon - motorcycle scene??? p.s. not his dog

this was shot while filming for New Moon - motorcycle scene??? p.s. not his dog

Also not his dog. This is him walking Chewie, who belongs to a friend of someone who is working on New Moon.

Also not his dog. This is him walking Chewie, who belongs to a friend of someone who is working on New Moon.

Taylor has a Maltese named Roxy, but I was unable to find a photo.

Here is Ashley Greene with her adory pup Marlow at the For Joseph launch party in LA last month.

Ashley with Kellan and her pup Marlow at the For Joseph launch party.

hey, kellan. can you take your shirt off again?

doggie style

29 05 2009

saw this gorg photo of Rachelle Le.. on the cover of Modern Dog over at it’s her rescue dog, Honey, who happens to have a boyfriend named Mr. Pickles!

rescue pups in DC arent this cute.

Rachelle LeFevre and Honey. rescue pups in DC aren't this cute.

of COURSE, kstew has a pet wolf – or some wolf-dog-hybrid. here she is back in 2006 with Oz. More recent pics over at where you can see Oz hangin around in LA.

is this jacob in wolf form?

bella and oz ...or jacob in wolf form?

Nikki Reed and her dog with their homey “Sage Dill” walking around in LaLaLand – what kind of weird alias is that?

“Hi, I’m Basil Oregano.”

cute glasses, Nik!

cute glasses, Nik!

And last, but certainly not least, is a blast from the past of RoBear wishing his dog Patty a Happy Valentines Day. i couldn’t find pics of Patty anywhere, but it’s a west highland terrier. 2cute.