Jackson Rathbone is a seriously good guy

31 12 2009

Jackson Rathbone and his band 100 Monkeys lost good a friend named Spencer Bell suddenly to Adrenal Cancer in 2006. Spencer was very close with the band and also a musician himself. The 100 monkeys created a memorial to their lost friend on the band website through the Spencer Bell Legacy Project.

Now, in a collaborative effort to raise awareness for Adrenal Cancer, 100 Monkeys along with The Stevedores, Tin Tin Can, and Drew and the Medicinal Pen, will travel to Texas in April (no official date set) for the Spencer Bell Legacy concert. 100 Monkeys will also be playing a tribute to Spencer by performing a few of the songs he wrote.

100 Monkeys. Um, if you haven't listened to their music yet you really should. It's damn good.

The Stevedores -lounge/psychedelic

Tin Tin Can - really fucking good. seriously. garage rock/psychedelic

Drew and the Medicinal Pen - acoustic pop folk

FYI a side note: Nothing makes me happier than humbled people.

100 Monkeys- Ugly Girl video!!

11 11 2009

Just released. So tight. I love musician vampires. Almost as much as I love Party Wolves. Maybe more.

More reasons to love J-Bone

11 11 2009

Life on the road with his band 100 Monkeys…

“We don’t have a cushy life,” Rathbone says. “We’re not playing arenas and selling them out yet. We play dirty dive bars and love it. Whenever we’re on the road we sleep in two motel room and take turns sleeping on the floors. It’s not all glamourous and it’s great. If it were all glamour, it’d be boring.”


who doesn't love a grungy muscian?

100 Monkeys’ next performance is Nov. 15 in Los Angeles at The Viper Room.

Go see!!

J.Bone plans Nashville Takeover with 100 Monkeys

24 10 2009

Jackson Rathbone will be hosting the NewCon Festival in Nashville November 6-8.

100 Monkeys will be headlining the festival and there will be Twilight- and New Moon-inspired art competitions and poetry/fan fiction contests. 100 Monkeys will also be part of an open jam session on Saturday, November 7. Anyone attending the festival can bring their instrument to jam with the band for two hours. The band will pick one lucky fan to join them on stage Saturday night during their concert at The Wildhorse in downtown Nashville.

“We wanted to do something different that inspires people to be creative,” said Rathbone. “NewCon offers all kinds opportunities for people – whether they’re writers, musicians, or artists – to share their talents in an interactive way that’s fun.”

To make sure everyone has time to fully enjoy the festival, there are only 400 tickets available. More cast members and bands will be announced every week leading up to the event.

Kimbra “the hands of Twilight” Hickey will be on…er, hand for a meet and greet (shaking those hands? Priceless!) and it’s rumored other cast members will be added. Stay tuned!

Read the full press release here.

burning man wha? bonnawho?

burning man wha? bonnawho?

the Doll & Xavier at 100 Monkeys last night

20 09 2009


dear God, these two are so adory together.

dear God, these two are so adory together.

Jackson looks quite debonaire. Sweet Jesus.


I am loving this rockabilly pompadour. only J.Bone, only J.Bone.

I am loving this rockabilly pompadour. only J.Bone, only J.Bone.




[more J. Bone pomp photos at breakingdawn.fr]

Rob peed in a cup at a 100 Monkeys show.

17 09 2009

This dude interviewing them is mega creepy. His name is Nardwuar , he knows his music and loves his trivia. He’s interviewed everyone from AFI to Bloc Party to NERD to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you can check out his website here. J.Bone and his band are adorable and willing to play along so…here goes..

Nardwuar Vs. 100 Monkeys.

J.Bone’s Disney voice is alarmingly un Jasper like.

Even Stephanie Meyer Comes Out for 100 Monkeys

14 09 2009

J-Bone’s band 100 Monkeys rocked out on Sat night in the ‘Couve, and his homeys came out to support him. And by homeys I mean the ones who didn’t go to the VMAs: Nikki Read (with BF Paris Latsis in tow), Elizabeth Reaser and even the GodMother herself, Stephanie Meyer!

We see you, Steph - far right halvsies style.

We see you, Steph - far right halvsies style.

I’m pretty sure Paris is the douche dude with the hat on, and I’m not sure who all the other creepy bald creepsters are.

oh hello j-bone

j-bone serenade

[via Twilight Gossip]

Jackson is a good boy.

30 07 2009

The dying wish of a 14yo twi-girl named Dorthy who has a terminal illness, was to meet Jackson Rathbone’s band 100 Monkeys. So of course her wish came true as she rightfully deserved. Dorthy got a backstage tour from our beautiful Jasper Hale himself.

*pats on backs*

*I tip my hat to you boys*

“We’re all very lucky people and helping others makes us who we are.” -J.bone

My heart goes out to the beautiful young TwiHard Dorthy.

j.bone on twitter?

10 07 2009

maybe.. maybe not, but his band IS, so follow them! www.twitter.com/100monkeysmusic

Do it for updates on all their tour stops aka for all the possible jackson run-ins!  plus Sarahterrible says the band is excellent too, so that’s a WIN!


god I love men in banana suits

god I love men in banana suits

jasper singing about cupcakes

11 06 2009

a jammy jam about a girl who is his “cupcake” and “gives him a sugar high, keeps him up all night.” Gets good around the 2:00 mark.  nice hat J.Bone.