31 10 2009

I just love twi…

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Wanted – Undead or Alive

30 10 2009

This is pretty fantastic. It’s a spoof on Bon Jovi’s “Wanted: Dead or Alive” using the  ‘New Moon’ plot.

I’m actually really impressed with the quality of this video. My favorite part is Jacob. So hilar.

J.Bone plans Nashville Takeover with 100 Monkeys

24 10 2009

Jackson Rathbone will be hosting the NewCon Festival in Nashville November 6-8.

100 Monkeys will be headlining the festival and there will be Twilight- and New Moon-inspired art competitions and poetry/fan fiction contests. 100 Monkeys will also be part of an open jam session on Saturday, November 7. Anyone attending the festival can bring their instrument to jam with the band for two hours. The band will pick one lucky fan to join them on stage Saturday night during their concert at The Wildhorse in downtown Nashville.

“We wanted to do something different that inspires people to be creative,” said Rathbone. “NewCon offers all kinds opportunities for people – whether they’re writers, musicians, or artists – to share their talents in an interactive way that’s fun.”

To make sure everyone has time to fully enjoy the festival, there are only 400 tickets available. More cast members and bands will be announced every week leading up to the event.

Kimbra “the hands of Twilight” Hickey will be on…er, hand for a meet and greet (shaking those hands? Priceless!) and it’s rumored other cast members will be added. Stay tuned!

Read the full press release here.

burning man wha? bonnawho?

burning man wha? bonnawho?

Halloween Goodies for the Twihards

16 10 2009

annnnnnddd cue spitting your coffee out…GO!

While we are in the Halloween stupid funny spirit, if you have not yet chosen your costume, consider being Robear as Salvador Dali from Little Ashes.

Billy Black is not amused.

Billy Black is not amused.

Dramatic Edward Prairie Dog

14 10 2009

remix on a classic. just cuz.

The Edward Historical Timeline

26 09 2009

people do hilari things with Edward.

Before he met Bella…[click to enlarge]

These didn’t make the cut:

[via Twifans]

Utah is Team Jacob

8 09 2009


what up dude!?

what up dude!?

Get lost in the corn maze of Team Jacob. Come on… where’s the Team Edward pumpkin patch?

Thanks NewMoonMovie