14 11 2010

Kristen & Robear are looking more delicious than ever, and filming has started in Rio & Lapa this week…..for the honeymoon scenes, including the boat trip and ISLE ESME. Check out these goodies from filming, try to breathe.

touchy touchy feely feely

2 kewt 4 words

kstew I want your dress. gimme

romance fodayyyzzzz

How is the city of Lapa handling this?

The next few photos kill me dead. I mean, we all know in the book they were nakeys, but I’LL TAKE IT!!!!  KStew in a bikini? yes please! No Krisbo.

oh hayyyyy beach scene! beach scene!!




OK , I’ll stop being creepy now. But Im just so stoked!! Breaking Dawn is my favorite, I love who Bella becomes in this book and I am beyond thrilled BD Part 1 has started filming! DONT JUDGE MEEEEE

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Rob Ami

30 03 2010

Two shots of Rob filming Bel Ami in Budapest. So dashing!

these melons are definitely ripe

cheerio 'n' shiz

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Debonair Robear

18 03 2010

Rob at the London premiere of “Remember Me.”

mon-swoon season

think they mean aww-some

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Rob and stuffed animals: a running theme

23 02 2010

Robear with a p-bear and that wanna-b Bella. Behold: the latest “Remember Me” clip.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[Thanks MTV.]

Nice View

9 02 2010

doing that swoon move

Le Bear is set to appear on the View March 2. Just another chance to stalk! If you’re in NYC, gotta get that.

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From Dusk ’til Dawn with Robear

4 11 2009
what a way to start the day

what a way to start the day

According to the Examiner, RPattz is schedule to appear on David Letterman on Nov. 18 (although reluctantly so) as well as morning stints on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and NBC’s Today Show.

Speaking of Ellen’s show, Lil’ Miss Tay dished about the better Taylor on her show today. Check it out!

If he was perfect, he wouldn’t be perfect

29 10 2009

A Robear quote to live by….

wicked game robear

wicked game robear

Ex-model and the sexiest man alive/dead apparently doesn’t like showing off the goods–making him even more sexy imo. He confessed a few uber British woes in his interview with the U.K.’s Daily Record back in August, one of which makes me feel bad for even posting this:

“You can’t let yourself be dictated to by anonymous faces.”

Jaw Porn

3 10 2009

:faints: gets back up :faints again:




Thanks to KStewDevotee for crackin my ass up by coining the phrase “Jaw Porn”.

Renesmee is that you

28 09 2009
That baby drinks blood

This baby drinks blood

This is the morph of Kstew & Robear. They sure would make 1 cute bebe.  *They are allegedly in the bone zone, who knows, this could be a future reality*   This is what Renesmee would look like save for the curly hair & chocolate brown eyes.

Hedi Slimane photographs Robear

28 09 2009

Robear graces the cover of the new issue of AnOther Man Magazine, in a photo shoot by Hedi Slimane, styled by Nicola Formichetti.

Hedi Slimane is fashion legend for those of you who dont know.. He worked for Yves Saint Laurent in 1997 as Collections and art Director, and he relaunched YSL Rive Gauche Homme. He decided to leave the house in 1999, and became the creative designer for men’s clothing at Christian Dior. 

He also kills the photography game. 


Kate Moss photo by Slimane

Kate Moss photo by Slimane

La Lohan by Slimane

La Lohan by Slimane

And some fresh RP photos:


ok twi hards cop this shit and learn yourself something about fashion too

ok twi hards cop this shit and learn yourself something about fashion too

so tortured

so tortured

AnOther Man, issue 9. out Oct 1.

AnOther Man, issue 9. out Oct 1.