JamBonnie at Eric Wasson’s Maybelline Calendar Launch

21 12 2009

That’s it. I’m going ginger.

JamBo + Bonnie = JamBonnie

…at Bungalow 8, in St. Martin’s Lane, London. There is nothing that makes me happier than a pretty boy with sideswept bangs holding a champagne glass. NOTHING.

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Jamie Campbell Bower is Still Canoodling with the Potter Girl

18 12 2009

Ok, ok, they are clearly hanging out. We all know they are friends. We all know they are co-workers in the Potter franchise. But is there more to this than we originally thought? Here is Jamie with Bonnie Wright aka Ron Weasley’s sister at a friend’s holiday party the other night…


the body language is telling me it's a NO GO for JamBo.

I searched hi and low to the ends of Google trying to find a recent snap of JamBo and his alleged gf Zoe Graham, but the most recent I could find was that trip they took to Rome back in October. Are they dunzo?

You be the judge. One thing is for certain. JamBo digs the gingers.

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Costume Designer Talks About How Pretty Caius is

29 11 2009

I may not have had many lines, but look how pretty I am.

New Moon and Eclipse costume designer Tish Monaghan talked to Entertainment Weekly about how goddamn pretty Cauis is. I agree. Wholeheartedly.

Tell me about dressing the Volturi.

I knew that one scene involved the painting somewhere in the 1700s coming to life and them walking into their chamber to don their robes. It was really important to get the right shape and to ensure the audience that they were judicial robes because they are sitting in judgment. I did a lot of research into judicial gowns, I looked at a lot of religious paintings from the 1300s and 1400s. For each of the three prime Volturi — Aro [Michael Sheen], Caius [Jamie Campbell Bower], and Marcus [Christopher Heyerdahl] — we made the gowns the same shape in a black wool bouclé, but with different trims.

Is there any significance to Caius’ scarf?

It looked pretty. [Laughs] It was described in the script that Aro was wearing a suit and it was the blackest of blacks because there’s a color palette power structure and the most powerful is the blackest. So I wanted to still have elements of black on Caius, but break them up a bit so Aro would appear blackest of all. There was so much gray and pale stone in that Volturi chamber that I wanted to bring some of the red element from the religious festival outside into play in the interior. But it was also just a beautiful texture, a paisley wool pashmina-type shawl that I grabbed in Little India.

She also talked about other characters’ costumes, oh you know, like Edward and Jacob. Blah blah blah blah. Big whoop.

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Jamie Campbell Bower Discusses Sex and Knickers

20 11 2009

Yes and yes! The most beautiful Volturi speaks at the LA premiere the other day. And he says, “knickers.” My life is now complete.

Also discussed his the new AMC series The Prisoner, which I am dying to see. Let’s watch it, shall we?

The Prisoner: “Arrival: Harmony,” Nov. 22, 10:00 p.m., Nov. 23 12:00 a.m.
The Prisoner: “Anvil; Darling,” Nov. 29, 10:00 p.m., Nov. 30, 12:00 a.m.
The Prisoner: “Schizoid; Checkmate, Dec. 6, 10:00 p.m., Dec. 7, 12:00 a.m.

Ashley, Jamie and Jackson on the Red Carpet

16 11 2009

the doll

nevermind the teeth - jambo is cute

jbone's anti aunt mildred hair statement

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Fox5 DC interview with Edi Gathegi & Jamie Campbell Bower

11 11 2009

Twilight Mania has taken over the DC metro area. It’s official.

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FRESHERIN!! i think i saw you! jkjk

The interviewer is kind of douche…messing up not one, but both of his guests names. It IS Fox, I suppose.

he put the HOT in fairfax's hot topic.

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Caius and Laurent, in my own backyard.

10 11 2009

This isn’t Forks. This isn’t Montepulciano. This is Fairfax. Virginia.

People, I don’t even know where to begin. Of all the people and all the places…. Jamie Campbell Bower and Edi Gathegi, at MY MALL! The mall that shaped my suburban american mall-rat upbringing. The mall that I once saw Vanilla Ice chilling at, now, this mall, Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax VA, brought me JamBo & Laurent.

It was so cool.

Here’s how it went down… (Read more after the jump!)

the flyer

thx JJ for sending this to me

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Three Nights with Jamie Campbell Bower

6 11 2009

Don’t forget, JamBo’s got new digs on AMC – The Prisoner – poppin’ off with a special 3-night debut event starting Sunday, November 15.

the paparazzi got artsy at a screening on 11/3. so dark. so deep.

Our fave Volturi cutie pie stars alongside Ian McKellen and James Caviezel. “Caviziel stars as a government agent by the name of Six, who is kidnapped. He comes to on an island known as “The Village,” the leader of which is played by McKellen.

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JamBo is Oh So Pretty

28 10 2009

Still on vacay in Rome with his sigO.

Boys who look like girls

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Jambo still with Zoe

24 10 2009

Last week JJ posted something about Jamie possibly being in the bone zone with Ron Weasley’s sister Ginny. Well, rest assured Jambo fans, he is not two timing his original ginger love- Zoe Graham.

New Moon Volturi vampire Jamie Campbell Bower and Zoe Graham took a tour of the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, Italy on Friday afternoon (October 23), where he is in town for the Rome International Film Festival.


bf and gf

bf and gf

is it me or is he prettier than her?

is it me or is he prettier than her?

Glad we cleared that up.

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