Little Miss Fabulous, Justin Chon.

8 12 2009

Singing FAME. From the movie Hack … aka my wildest dreams.

My fave human tweeted today “check this out…i guess im influential…well im honored…” in response to being named one of the top 10 Most Influential Korean-Americans for 2009.

come out, come out wherever you are, justin 🙂

[via KoreanBeacon & @justinchon@ti_jane & jomamma]

Cute Hair Showdown – Boo Boo vs. Justin Chon

16 11 2009

Boo Boo!


the fabulous justin chon

Justin Chon – Too Cute for Words

20 10 2009

in chinatown no less. i just want to put him in my pocket.

yes, justin. udambomb.

yes, justin. udambomb.

[via TSFS]

Justin Chon at the Pusan Film Festival

15 10 2009

He cleans up real nice! Here is Lil Yorkie, Justin Chon, at the Pusan International Film Festival on his home turf of South Korea with Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. JK, I don’t know who his friends are, but they are all just 2 cute.

asian invasion

asian invasion

He tweeted:

” why did the pusan film festival invite me if they make it seem like i wasnt even there.only photo i it everywhere!!’ POST IT EVERYWHERE!!!! I WANT TO STICK IT TO THEM FOR BEING MEAN!!!”

repost! retweet! do it for Justin.


the humans head to the ‘couve tomorrow!

25 08 2009

justin chon is the queen of the video interview. not only does he appear to be relatively accessible for interviews, he is always totally hilar.

check out this interview he did today with, in which he discusses his delicious spaghetti and meatballs.

smoke em if you got em

smoke 'em if you got 'em

he also announces that he and the other humans (Michael Welch, Christian Serratos and Anna Kendrick) are heading up to vancouvy to start filming their parts tomorrow, which include “new extracurricular activities” .. whatever that means.

he mentions that he too, like TayLaut and Slutz, has been buffing up for his role and put on an extra 30 lbs. jk jk

get ready for more pics of the humans to hit webs soon!

doggie style – fabulous edition

11 08 2009

i just love justin chon. many would argue that Erik Yorkie is the unsung hero of the movie Twilight, as Bella’s initial guide to Forks HS warning Angela that the feature on Bella is DEAD and not to bring it up again. who didn’t chuckle when he dangled the worm on the stick during the field trip “Bella … it’s a worm”.

here is an adorable video from the TCA where he discusses his love for Prince Turbo the maltese, his family dog.

how did he not get the Choice Fab-U-Lous award? this is not his dog, but it is a maltese, and also what i hope and pray Turbo looks like:

princess huff n stuff

girrrrrrl, get me some tiny horn-rimmed glasses and call me Prince Turbo

Clicky clicky for more previously reported information on the other stars’ doggie style, including Slutz running shirtless (YESSS).

[via DogNewsDaily’s YouTube]

Little tidbits from the cast

6 07 2009

Its a little dated, but can you ever get enough of watching these adory actors…?
FYTwi – JBone has a country accent…

and I like it.

plus some good advice from Twilght’s Sam Uley at the end.