14 11 2010

Kristen & Robear are looking more delicious than ever, and filming has started in Rio & Lapa this week…..for the honeymoon scenes, including the boat trip and ISLE ESME. Check out these goodies from filming, try to breathe.

touchy touchy feely feely

2 kewt 4 words

kstew I want your dress. gimme

romance fodayyyzzzz

How is the city of Lapa handling this?

The next few photos kill me dead. I mean, we all know in the book they were nakeys, but I’LL TAKE IT!!!!  KStew in a bikini? yes please! No Krisbo.

oh hayyyyy beach scene! beach scene!!




OK , I’ll stop being creepy now. But Im just so stoked!! Breaking Dawn is my favorite, I love who Bella becomes in this book and I am beyond thrilled BD Part 1 has started filming! DONT JUDGE MEEEEE

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Kellan: shirtless and in the shower

15 04 2010

Photos from Kellan’s Interview Mag shoot.  DAMN SLUTZ. GET SOME.

we get it, youre perf

oh word?

that shower curtain is in my way




Interview always KILLS it. Thank God the internet hasnt shut that magazine down yet. *fingers crossed*

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Swoon City

25 02 2010

Every single shot from the Details shoot: get your daily dose of Rob. I say tres sexy, even if he looks a little George Michael-esque in the freeze frame.

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You can read the entire Details interview here.

Ashley Greene in Marie Claire

7 02 2010

So dollicious.

She’ll put a spell on you: Corseted in Dolce & Gabbana’s sultry Sicilian lace and signature floral prints,New Moon‘s Ashley Greene turns queen of the vamps.


this may be my all time favorite picture of the Doll

so demuuuure

such an elegant doll

love you boo

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Vote for Kristen: Sexiest Woman of ’09

23 12 2009


Popsugar is taking a poll. CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR KSTEW.

Out of almost 4,000 votes Kristen is WAY in the lead, and this is her competition:

brazilian supermodels are NO competition for the Stew


Penelope Cruz 

Kristen Stewart 

Halle Berry 

Diane Kruger 


Megan Fox 

Kate Hudson 

Bar Refaeli 

Jessica Alba 

Gisele Bundchen 

I think we all know who the sexiest one of all is. So glad she is finally getting that sort of recognition. Ya betta reckanize!

Just thought now would be a good time to drop these NEW Interview outtakes. Booya

Ashley Greene at the MoMA

20 11 2009

I don’t normally comment on the Doll, but check her ass out.

Girl, don't hurt 'em.

Ashley Greene attended the Tribute to Tim Burton at the MoMA on the 17th. Busy laaaaady.

The Doll’s Maxim cover is oh so pretty

9 11 2009

Girl crush #2 guys, #2. I mean she bumped Rachel McAdams down to #3, such a BIG DEAL for me.


sometimes I wish the Doll wasn't so objectified like that. 😦


that's better. more Dollicious.


2 11 2009

and it’s mmmm MMMMM GOOD.

some non bootleggy Vanity Fair photos have leaked! the eagle has landed!








disheveled morning after Rob is my new favorite (dirty Rob used to be my old favorite)



so deep in thought


there are so many things I love about this photograph I dont know where to begin. He sits like such a lady.



he sure is pretty, but the hair needs a little less gel

I really can’t think of anything else to say right now. I’m speechless. This is almost as EPIC as the KStew Interview 40th Anniversary shoot. Almost.

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RoBear on the Cover of Virgin Blue

14 10 2009
Happy Hump Day

Happy Hump Day


RoBear in Swedish Glamour

12 10 2009
WOAH. did you do a double-take too?

WOAH. did you do a double-take too?

the cowboy looks suits him. RoBear is the new James Dean.

the cowboy looks suits him. RoBear is the new James Dean.

bangs + jaw + profile = PORN

bangs + jaw + profile = PORN

Jumpy jumpy!! Read full translation after the jump…including details on how he is technically HOMELESS!

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