London hand holding. Robsten 4eva.

10 11 2009

Um, do you see what I see?  This is a picture snapped of Kristen and Rob (Taylor inset) arriving Nov 10th in London on their whirlwind, no doubt romantic, promotional tour of New Moon


is it a hand hold? you decide.

They def are staying in secret hotel rooms where the floors and walls are made of down comforters, and sometimes chocolate rain falls from the sky. Def. LBH.

Grown Up D. Fan keeps getting lovelier

9 11 2009




such a little lady!


stop playin!


jaw droppingly cute


g'head D. Fan, we see you!

This makes me doubly excited for her role as Jane in New Moon and her role as Cheri in the Runaways. Kill it girl. Kill it like Kstew.


Kristen and Taylor in Brazil

1 11 2009

These two held a New Moon press conference in Brazil this weekend and it was a complete frenzy!! They stayed at the Hyatt, which was mobbed by rabid twi fans. There are some scary videos of it on Youtube.

Kristen also said during this press conference that Bella should really be with Jacob, and that her choosing Edward is a perfect example of girl’s making bad choices. Looks like that’s another one for Team Jacob, besides Nikki, Ashley Greene also recently revealed she secretly roots for Team Jacob. Go ahead Jakey.


she really is all smiles when she is with Taylor, it so sweet


legs for days


their body language is so cute

Team Jacob for days bitches….

New Moon in 18 days!!!!!!!!!!!

ashley plus marlow= true luv

2 09 2009


2 kewt

2 kewt

Ash “the Dollface” Greene goes nowhere without her Marlow. It’s like Oliver and I. Don’t leave home without ’em! 

 Greene  Greene   Greene   Greene

 Greene  Greene   Greene   Greene



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EW vid of TayStew wrestling

14 08 2009

AWWWW.  Seriously they are so presh. It kills.

team jacob- check it!

16 07 2009

A NEW promotional still was released today from New Moon!!!!!

Awwwwwwwwww. Look at Bella and Jacob looking into eachother’s eyes like that. makes the heart melt doesn’t it?


so intense

so intense