Still ridick

22 06 2010

my hair's a whopper

Sweat nor tears…nor Burger-Kang-cup-condensation can Fade Jasper’s hair. BK is doing more stuff for the Eclipse film, including giving away a Vespa and analyzing Facebook profiles to see what team you’re on. If only they had that for my closeted ex-bff before she grabbed my boobs that one time.

P.S. If you wanna win a whopper, go team Jacob on the scratch-off.

Eclipse stills…

28 04 2010

Getting STOked…

oh dayum

Riley leading the Newborn Army

June is soooo right around the corner kids.

Double Dose of Rad: Twilight and Oprah

20 04 2010

in case you didn't know, god is a woman

The full Eclipse trailer will be unveiled this Friday on the Oprah show. I am borderline obsessed with Oprah, FYI.

As of this morning, Oprah’s site states:
Superstar Melissa Etheridge opens up about the split from her wife. Then, her majesty Queen Rania of Jordan is here! Plus, we’ve got an exclusive look at Eclipse!

Peep this tweet.

And this even better tweet!

Nothing on the Big O’s site about the guest, but Summit would know, right? My money’s on JBone, who might outdo Oprah’s wack hairstyle, but if it’s RPattz I may just squeal like Babe in Pig in the City when he’s getting chased by those dogs…anyway, set those DVRs. Maybe pick up some Dots to make it a three-most-awesome-things-on-earth event when you watch it.

survivor: eclipse

13 04 2010

even VILFs have bad hair days

i sooo don't wanna go to this tribal council

"sorry jazz, until you get a haircut we're voting you off the island"

dude. so not cool with that.

Eclipse fever

5 04 2010

I don’t know about you guys, but for us D.C. Sig Os, it feels like June is already here (it’s going to be 90 degrees this week ffs) but without the added benefit of Eclipse being in theaters. Here are some goodies to hold us over.

the saga continues...

jasper got a perm

if only erykah badu's "i guess i'll see ya next lifetime" was applicable

More Eclipse Official-ness

25 03 2010

This came out a few days ago, Bella is totes getting hotter.

wig looks tight

Oh shit, “it all begins with a choice”. Ain’t dat the truf?

Official Eclipse Time!

24 10 2009

 If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the official title treatment for the third installment of the Twilight Saga, Eclipse! Unveiled by the Twilight Twitter. Its so cold, so icy looking. Burrrrrrrr.




haha did we really think it would look any other way? Like they would just up and pick a new font? God we are all batshit crazy. I love it.