Exclusive Look at Breaking Dawn After Party Decor!

15 11 2011

The luckiest of all SigOs, Fresherin (@erin01) was invited to the Breaking Dawn Part 1 premiere at the Nokia Theater in LA last night. Seated one row behind her was none other than Taylor Lautner and Catherine Hardwicke!! Peter Facinelli was about 7 rows back, Billy Burke was right in front of her! Kellan Lutz passed by on his way to his seat further up with new squeeze, Sharni Vinson. As an odd sidenote, Weird Al Yankovic was seated by her, and she later talked to him. Yeah, IDK either hahahaha…

Though the TRIED to make Fresherin check her cellphone, she was like “Oh HALE Naw!” and snuck hers in (tee hee). She covertly snap these little nuggets of the decor at the after party at Nokia Live with her iPhone. Dare I say, the decor is breathtakingly reminiscent of the prom scene in Twilight???

Breaking Dawn Premiere After Party at Nokia Live


Breaking Dawn Premiere After Party at Nokia Live


Breaking Dawn Premiere After Party at Nokia Live

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roBear visits his boo

6 08 2009

rendezvous avec kstew

while the rest of the cast gets settled in vancouvy, kstew is finishing up filming The Runaways in LA. roBear, who theoretically should be heading north, instead is stopping off for a little conjugal visit to his beloved in LaLaLand. LBH

[via Robsessed]