2010 MTV Movie Awards: Robsten cuteness

7 06 2010

The Fab Life has 80 plus screencaps from the MTV Movie Awards show last night that show signs Robsten is very real….. TOO CUTE!!!

the Robsten show

Loverville, Pop. 2

[via the Fab Life]

New Moon won 5 awards last night, sweeping the show like Twilight did the year before. (duh.)

Best Movie

Best Male Performance- Rob

Best Female Performace- Kristen

Best Kiss- Rob & Kristen

Global Superstar- Rob (he beat our Kristen AND Taylor in this category)

ohhh snap

oh hey taylor, thanks for joining us

My favorite part of the night was when Russell Brand was trying to explain to Diddy that Team Jacob/Team Edward rivalry is like the new East Coast/West Coast rap battle of the Biggie Tupac days.

So true Russell, and equally as serious.




2 responses

8 06 2010

Russell did a fabulous job and he was reping Team Edward, even better. Score one for your Russell, P.S. your fiance is hot and did a rocking performance. I love it when MTV actually allows those that don’t lip sing to perform live (sorry Brit Brit). While it wasn’t for her role in New Moon, we can’t forget Anna K. bringing home a popcorn of her own.

8 06 2010

And I forget to say, I totally agree alliec, K.Stew and RP were way too cute last night. They just seemed to be having a really great time, looking young, healthy and happy. Whereas Linsday Lohan, the quick shot they showed of her during Les Grossman’s performance, looks like a complete train wreck.

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