American Werewolf in Paris

12 04 2010

so chiseled

TayLaut WILFed around Paris this weekend, making an appearance at the Salon France-Ameriques doing a mobile phone stint. Looking good, wolfy one.

See the rest of the pics here at PopSugar Australia.

Say Hi to Leah Clearwater

26 01 2010

the prettiest WILF of them all

Julia Jones is totes cool. During the premiere of New Moon, she just wanted to eat. My kinda girl!

“After doing the press line, I was starving. And there were 30,000 fans in Westwood. People had been camping out for five days or so. I just started to walk through the fans to the California Pizza Kitchen. And as I started doing that, one of the actors who is also in the wolf pack, Alex Meraz, he was on his way in to do the press line, so we passed each other. And when the fans saw him, they went absolutely insane. And just standing there next to him, there’s this sense of, ‘This is probably going to be what’s in store.’ ’’

[via Boston Globe].

Chaske lovin’ some b-ball

5 01 2010

So, after Eclipse comes out can I get court-side or what?

Papa WILF enjoyed a Trail Blazers vs. Cavaliers game in December in Cleveland. A rare, but glorious, shot.

[via W.V. Herald Dispatch]

New Moon with Puppets?

3 12 2009

In celebration of Lu’s theme today, it’s a New Moon adaptation with puppets. The dialogue is pretty weak, but the werewolf transformations themselves are alone worth a watch!

WILF alert: The Wolfpack skit on Jay Leno

3 12 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Twihard gets it.

F bombs, tea pinkies & party WILFs

1 12 2009

This vid is pretty fuckin’ awesome, if RPattz does say so himself.