It is on- The New New Moon High Quality Trailer

17 08 2009

Fans are really happy Jake…

Summit was clever and even added a custom URL to the end fo the trailer. Nice one.

New Moon trailer: REEEEMIX

8 06 2009

I enjoyed this one better than the first. I feel the loss of Edward more deeply, and am totes digging the background music. So dramatic.

Do yourself a favor and WATCH THIS.

Not that hair…

1 06 2009

Ok, I hate to be the one to rock the love boat that is New Moon, but… what the HELL did they do to Jasper? I found myself more glued to Jasper’s new ‘do than anything else in the trailer. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I adore my Jackson (not trying to start a fight Lu) and I have numerous witnesses to my freeze frame action of Jasper as he knocks the ball out during the baseball game in Twilight, that’s one good looking boy.

But seriously… what the forks is this?


(copying this photo and uploading because the gallery keeps getting shifted around on and big thanks to

Let’s just take a minute though to appreciate the good times…

hey do you know tad?

twirl that bat.

twirl that bat.

no, hello TO YOU.

no, hello TO YOU.

UPDATE: Here’s my beloved freeze frame. *gush*


31 05 2009

Oh Yes they Did!

29 05 2009

Trailer Leak!

New Moon Trailer Scoop!

New Moon Trailer Scoop!

Thanks @Tifa333!