Victoria had the best scene in New Moon

3 03 2010

Thom Yorke’s Hearing Damage didnt hurt things either. shazam.

Happy Birthday, Rachelle LeFevre!

1 02 2010

You our homegirl for lyfe.

No matter what, you will ALWAYS be the original Victoria. Hope you have a happy happy happy bday — play with your food as much as you want today!

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Rachelle’s Deleted Scenes in New Moon

28 12 2009

intense road rage

Here are some words from screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, about how much she hearts Victoria.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ve heard/read on other blogs that there indeed were some additional Victoria scenes, even with lines, that got cut. That move could be easily spun into conspiracy around firing Rachelle, but I’m sure there are a gajillion scenes all over the place that never made it to the final draft.

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The Missing Victoria – Where was Rachelle Lefevre?

18 11 2009

Poor Rachelle aka The Real Victoria. She saved face from the whole getting canned for BryceHo thing and kept her priorities straight by tending to her pup Honey instead of going to the New Moon premiere in LA the other night.

Her tweet about it:

Rachelle Twitter

it's OK, rach. we get it.

Damn the MAN. Damn him.

After we full-on flipped out and lost our shizz with the rest of Twi community when the BS went down, Rachelle actually sent this to Alliecupcake and SarahTerrible. True story.

we love you too, boo.

Our prayers for Honey are with you, and you will always be OUR Victoria.

Rachelle for American Apparel

24 10 2009

The Twi babes are killin’ the fashion photoshoot game! Rachelle is smokin hot! I am so going to miss her!! That mane of hair is glorious!!! 


love those undies.

love those undies.

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