TayTay Lovebirds Date Night!

29 10 2009

cute boots x 2

TayTay is heating up! They got their QT on for the second time this week last night (Oct 28) window shopping at Alice & Olivia and chatting away in an Audi R8 sports car before grabbing dinner at a local steakhouse.

this is their makeout mobile. hot DAMN.

Tay 2 said, “I don’t know, he’s an amazing guy and we’re really close … and ah … yep. We’re in a movie  together and I am really excited about seeing it.” … and by seeing it she means making out in the theater with Tay1 during it.

TayTay Pics – (Lautner & Swift) at the LA Kings Game

26 10 2009

OOhhhhh SNAP! TayTay is on and popping.

TayTay - so sweet - like a vanilla and cinnamon latte.

Not only did TayTay go to the hockey game together last night, the were also spotted at a Beverly Hills hotel where photographers reported they spent the night together. Bownt-chicka-bownt-boowwwnnt.

She is 19, He is 17. Ahh, young love. Please enjoy their adorableness in this video. TayLaut just admired her from foot level during her Fearless tour in Chicago earlier this month.