Nikki Reed Scoop from Red Carpet

17 11 2009

nikki shines in burberry

Nikki just got outed for having a secret Russian tattoo on her wrist, the blond host asked her about it, and she immd covered it up and said it was secret/private. Will we ever know of your Russian tattoo Nikki?!

Nikki also just revealed that she will be doing her first directorial debut in just a few weeks! We love you Nikki and we’re looking forward to it. Don’t worry about downplaying that “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” title, you got it girl!

Russian Wrist Tatt - you caught me!

[pics via Celebrity-Gossip]

Sorority Tattoos

13 05 2009

I’ve been wracking my brain for Sigma Twi Omega tattoo ideas. I can’t think of ANYTHING. Bite marks seemed a bit juvenile even for me. But maybe the half circle bite mark that James left on Bella’s hand in the whole Pheonix ballet studio attack would be good. But then again we’d all have to agree that we want our hands tattooed and, well, we ARE ladies. I am dying, so incredibly, indescribably, irrevocably STOked for the pilgrimage to Vancouvy. I really really need to see all of the Quiluete Indian boys. Oh my.

oh hello boys

oh hello boys