Ordered My New Moon Blu-Ray!

17 01 2010

ordered. come to mamma.

March 20 cannot come soon enough. I can’t wait for in-home double feature nights. Order during pre-sale for discounted price – $22 for the dvd and $24 for the blu-ray jawnt.

Clicky clicky to buy from amazon.com



16 12 2009

We all know everyone who is anyone is trying to ride the twi-saga gravy train for some ca$h money.
Stephanie Meyer did us all a favor by capturing our hearts and minds with the Twilight Saga. What she didn’t realize she was doing was capturing the most sought after demographic in the world, women from 14 – 44. These women are the buyers. We will spend money on frivolous things. We spend money because the story we read opened up our hearts and made our blood run again and with every Twilight inspired purchase brings us closer to that feeling.

ok ok so i may just be feeding you all this b.s. so i can justify my reasoning for purchasing this…

It's rains a lot in Forks. duh


What twiBuys (twilight inspired purchases) have you spent your hard earned $$$ on?