Jackson Rathbone is a seriously good guy

31 12 2009

Jackson Rathbone and his band 100 Monkeys lost good a friend named Spencer Bell suddenly to Adrenal Cancer in 2006. Spencer was very close with the band and also a musician himself. The 100 monkeys created a memorial to their lost friend on the band website through the Spencer Bell Legacy Project.

Now, in a collaborative effort to raise awareness for Adrenal Cancer, 100 Monkeys along with The Stevedores, Tin Tin Can, and Drew and the Medicinal Pen, will travel to Texas in April (no official date set) for the Spencer Bell Legacy concert. 100 Monkeys will also be playing a tribute to Spencer by performing a few of the songs he wrote.

100 Monkeys. Um, if you haven't listened to their music yet you really should. It's damn good.

The Stevedores -lounge/psychedelic

Tin Tin Can - really fucking good. seriously. garage rock/psychedelic

Drew and the Medicinal Pen - acoustic pop folk

FYI a side note: Nothing makes me happier than humbled people.