Happy Birthday SigO Fresherin!!

11 02 2010

old skool myspace photo for your bday

Happy happy happy happy birthday to our OG sigO FreshErin! Damn girl, you old as dirt now! jk jk jk

Hope you get tulips delivered to your door, go to a dope cabin in the mountains, soak in a hot tub and get a lavender wrap for your big day. Oh wait, that’s all true!

We. Loves. You.


Happy Birthday SigO Alina!

6 12 2009



bella Alina!


Happy 30th Alinalicious! Hope you’re partying the night away at Art Basel in Miami, even though we all know you were secretly wishing you were celebrating in FORKS! Peach cobbler at the Diner!

We’re all wishing we were blowing out the candles with you! Watch out for paper-cuts when opening your prezzies.

XOXOXO SigOs love you!

Looking Good in your BBDakota Girl!

Alina is one of our OG NYC Sig O's!!!


Edward loves it when you wear your Sigma Twi Omega wife beater. He told us.

Happy Birthday MissImagineThat!

11 11 2009

happy sweet 16!!

It’s your SWEET 16!!! All of your SigO’s are crossing their fingers that you get a shiny silver volvo, preferably the sporty little C30 hatchback, so you can cruise around town blasting the various soundtracks at full blast.

not just sisters - SigO's.

love u boo

Happy Birthday to Sig O Sarah Terrible!!!

9 11 2009

Today is a very special day. Sig O Sarah Terrible turns 29, she is officially in her prime and so so fine!  We love you boo!


nothing but love from your siggies



some wolf boys for good measure, we know you love your native americans! happy happy


isn't she lurvely?


jj and cupcake in bday party mode at your old house 😦


sig o bonding, more than just sisters...


lu, fresherin, alinalicious and jj are literally brunching in your honor, right now. as we speak. it's true.


it' your birfday girl! youre goin to Disneyland! really you are. you love it there.


love you for lyfe, this was my 28th!

Have the best day ever ever in the history of the world.

OH SNAP, I almost forgot…. it’s time to bust out Party Wolf and JJ again haha


that wolf loves to party, yeah jj

Happy Bloggy Bday SigO Lu!

18 08 2009

Luaura! We hope you get a three tiered cake that has your name on it in big silver letters!

we heart you

we heart you

And maybe just maybe you will… or at least a taco with a candle in it!