Crust Punk Robear

2 06 2010

This actually made me go “awww.”

See more of the best boyfriend ever at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, June 6.

Rohair update

19 05 2010

RPattz’s new ‘do. Here he is on Ellen on May 19.

RPattz Hair Takeover

22 04 2010

you wish.

Scandinavian actor Alexander Skarsgard vaguely channels Robear in the latest issue of VMAN magazine, but doesn’t quite get it right.

And now we present what it would look like if Jambo tried to do Ro-hair:

this just in: pained/vapid expression result of looking in mirror, not due to bloodlust as previously thought

[via celebuzz]

Nice View

9 02 2010

doing that swoon move

Le Bear is set to appear on the View March 2. Just another chance to stalk! If you’re in NYC, gotta get that.

[via NY Daily]

Summer Plans 4 U

27 01 2010

Stalking Robear.

If you told yourself 2010 was the year you were gonna drop 10 lbs. and find love, well sugar tits, prepare to spend your summer in Ithaca, N.Y., being the only aloof girl in town and hopefully catching Rob’s eye.

Yeah right, but seriously, rumor has it that Rob will be at Cornell along with the rest of the cast of Water for Elephants (including Sean Penn and Reese W.), which centers on a Cornell veterinary student who drops out and joins the circus after his parents are killed. RPattz will star in the film as central character Jacob Jankowski. Filming starts in June.

[via the Ithaca Journal]