JamBonnie at Eric Wasson’s Maybelline Calendar Launch

21 12 2009

That’s it. I’m going ginger.

JamBo + Bonnie = JamBonnie

…at Bungalow 8, in St. Martin’s Lane, London. There is nothing that makes me happier than a pretty boy with sideswept bangs holding a champagne glass. NOTHING.

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Costume Designer Talks About How Pretty Caius is

29 11 2009

I may not have had many lines, but look how pretty I am.

New Moon and Eclipse costume designer Tish Monaghan talked to Entertainment Weekly about how goddamn pretty Cauis is. I agree. Wholeheartedly.

Tell me about dressing the Volturi.

I knew that one scene involved the painting somewhere in the 1700s coming to life and them walking into their chamber to don their robes. It was really important to get the right shape and to ensure the audience that they were judicial robes because they are sitting in judgment. I did a lot of research into judicial gowns, I looked at a lot of religious paintings from the 1300s and 1400s. For each of the three prime Volturi — Aro [Michael Sheen], Caius [Jamie Campbell Bower], and Marcus [Christopher Heyerdahl] — we made the gowns the same shape in a black wool bouclé, but with different trims.

Is there any significance to Caius’ scarf?

It looked pretty. [Laughs] It was described in the script that Aro was wearing a suit and it was the blackest of blacks because there’s a color palette power structure and the most powerful is the blackest. So I wanted to still have elements of black on Caius, but break them up a bit so Aro would appear blackest of all. There was so much gray and pale stone in that Volturi chamber that I wanted to bring some of the red element from the religious festival outside into play in the interior. But it was also just a beautiful texture, a paisley wool pashmina-type shawl that I grabbed in Little India.

She also talked about other characters’ costumes, oh you know, like Edward and Jacob. Blah blah blah blah. Big whoop.

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JCB with gold teeth

13 11 2009

pretty boy

This is Jambo flashing his pretty mug for VMan magazine. In it, he says about his next role in London Boulevard, “I play a guy with dreadlocks and gold teeth. Something a little bit different.”

JJ is gonna be ALL.OVER.DAT.

Somebody’s gonna have to hold her back. lol